Review Hollywood on Tap Sweet Salvation Brewery #2 By Avery Flynn

Title: Hollywood on Tap Sweet Salvation Brewery #2
Author: Avery Flynn
Stars 5 out of 5
Sean O’Dell has found a love and its Sweet Salvation Brewery but he also has a secret he would like to keep hidden at one point he was Hollywood Heartthrob but left it all behind to find something he loved creating the perfect beer.
Natalie Sweet comes home to help her older sister run Sweet Salvation Brewery with her endless clip boards, flow charts, sweater sets and her crazy way she can get anyone organized even the walking destroy Sean O’Dell.
Avery Flynn creates an entertaining over the top romantic mystery that I was unable to put down until I finished the book.  Natalie is a triplet who just happens to have enough anxiety issues to drive a normal person insane. When a person starts to sabotages her brewery she tries to keep her head on she shoulders even though her anxiety is fighting to keep her locked in her office.  Instead of hiding away she and Sean work hard to discover who is trying to destroy her lively hood and his dream of creating the perfect blended beer.  I love the way the Avery Flynns created fun banter between Natalie and Sean and I will admit it even had me smiling and laughing.
I loved that Sean walked away from the lime light and his mystery of why was compelling and believable again creating characters who came alive on the page.
This was my first book in the Sweet Salvation Series and I plan on picking up book one and I can’t wait to read Olivia’s Story. I picked up this book because an author friend recommended the series.

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