Reviewing Books

Something funny happened to be the other day. My husband asked me to read a short story from a friend of his on twitter and since every thing I read I review after I finished the 31 pages I quickly started to write a review.  I was trying hard to be kind but it was hard because the “Novelette” had potential but the author is unwilling to make changes.  The book was in desperate need of simple editing. I mean you can only use the word AND so many time in a sentence right?  As I wrote the review my husband asked me to be kind and if I couldn’t be kind than please do not write a review at all. OK I would like to say I was offended that he thought my reviews were not nice but lets face it I can be mean sometimes. So I thoughtfully wrote the review sending it to my sister’s blog that I write on because I am under just my first name there so it wouldn’t be traced back to my husband who is friends with this author and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.

To make a long story short I asked my hubby to read the review of the 2 1\2 star “Novelette” and he thought it was very fair but still asked me not to place the review on my goodreads account.  Finally I told him that at some point someone other than friends will review this book and my review will look like a five star review next to others who will rip it apart.

The question I have to ask is When do you spare a persons feelings and when do you tell them the truth?

I personally would want to know right away if something I wrote and published was crap.  In fact I have been toying with the idea of writing for about a year and yesterday outlined a story I think would be fun to write. Will I published it? I have no idea but I am leaning towards no. Its easy to write but it takes real strength and courage to have someone else read it.


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