REVIEW HOT Ice by Lynn Raye Harris

ICE HOT Grace Campbell the daughter of United States Senator is a scientist creating a super virus that could destroy nations. When she is almost attacked outside her lab her father wants the best protection possible. Garrett “Iceman” Spencer is one the HOT specialist who didn’t join the elite black ops group to baby sit a spoiled senator’s daughter. As Garrett is sent to protect the princess he finds a shy woman who might be able to thaw his heart. I have read several HOT novels and each one has hot sex scenes, enough Alpha males to drive a sane women crazy, lots of action and more sex. What I have enjoyed about the HOT series is each book is its own entity so the reader can start on book three and know what is going on in book 7. The reader will never be lost because even the background mystery or story that started in book 5 carries forward with HOT’s men retelling with a different view points again keeping the reader updated so new readers to the series will not be lost. HOT ICE isn’t my favorite in this series because I feel the story disappeared when the characters jumped in the sack. The story instead revolved around each sexual encounter with a little story thrown in so you could remember why Iceman and Grace where found in different place to have sex. Lynn Rayed Harries knows how to write a sex scene there is no question about that but I really could have used more story. I felt the book was 85-90% sex. (Either the act, thinking or leading up to sex.) I almost felt lost in why they were running until it was mentioned because of the countless hot sex scenes. I like the HOT commanding officer Méndez best quote in the book that reflects the entire series. “Every F***ing time. If there’s a woman involved, you assholes loses your minds.” The writing style is what readers expect from Lynn Rayed Harries. Lots of snappy dialogue between Grace and Garrett which I found quite fun. Thankful there was enough reference to the movie bodyguard to make me realize this was Lynn Raye Harries personal version.  Lots of clinch moments that would have had me rolling my eyes if not for the reference to the movie bodyguard reminding me again this was her personal version. If you enjoyed the other books in the HOT series this is a can’t miss. Lots of steamy sex scenes to get the read though the long winter nights. Received as an Advance Copy for an Honest Review.


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