Her Sanctuary by Toni Anderson

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Title: Her Sanctuary

Author:  Toni Anderson

Stars 5 out of 5

This is the first book from Toni Anderson I have read and I will be honest I only read it because the book was free on Kindle. After reading the book I quickly bought her second book and plan on reading more by Toni Anderson in the future.  This book is a solid suspense novel with a slightly predictable ending your typical Happy Ever After.

Elizabeth Ward is an FBI agent but when an op goes wrong she is now on the run from the mob because she feels the FBI can’t protect her. She runs to a ranch in Montana in hopes of hiding from her past.  When she arrives at the Ranch she meets Nat Sullivan who is on the verge of losing his families ranch because of endless troubles from his sick mother to his boozing brother who can’t seem to take care of his own daughter and a cow hand with a past.

The author wrote a multiple characters suspense novel where we see each characters perspective and where they are at all times until the end of the book where each characters finds themselves in a deadly showdown. Toni Anderson made sure that each and every character written had a reason and a purpose to be in the book and no one was there just to carry on though her next novels.

The author tried to show Elizabeth as human and not the perfect FBI agent but she painted her as the best sharp shooter and yet Elizabeth seem to trip over her own two feet all the time. She would forget her gun when she was reaching for it which lets face it if the Mob is after me I would have my gun on me all the time.

I like Elizabeth but her past made it hard to see how she could have a future with Nat. I did have a little trouble with Nat because he did a lot of whiny but at the same time his mother is sick, his brother is a drunk and he is about to loose his ranch so I guess he has rights to whiny. The showdown at the end of the book has the reader dealing with blood shed but nothing you can’t handle and I love Nat’s reaction to the sell of his ranch as well.

This book had its predictability but at the same time it was well written keeping me reading to the end of the book. I feel books that are predictable I can get past when they are well written like Toni Anderson’s has done with Her Sanctuary. I plan to buy and read the next book in the series that will follow Josie and Marsh because that should be an interesting story. There is several sex scenes in this book between the different characters.





Emira the Shadow

Title: Emira the Shadow (Shattered Souls Book 1)

Author: Olivia A. Foust

Stars: 1 1\2 out of 5

Review:  Emira the Shadow the author calls a Novelette which I can only assume is because it is only 31 pages long. This novelette has great potential of becoming a great dystopian series but it lacks the ability to draw the reader in because it is only 31 pages long.

As the books starts I already feel lost because I don’t understand why the world or society is divided into two groups. What caused the rift and why? We see the world though Emira’s eyes; a world of hate, anger and distrust. She only wants to save her people but in doing so much killing. She wants to kill as many Southerners as possible. When she goes into a Southerner camp to save a group of her people she finds a man she once cared for as a young child, Rou.  We also meet a Southerner who wants to help save Emira’s people and for some unknown reason she trusts him.  She brings him back to the camp where she develops a friendship.

I wanted to love this little novelette, I truly did. The outline is nothing new. You have conflict, killing, and rescues but something about her writing pulled me in. But the lack of editing takes a good story and ruins it.

For example “As an Ex-Felon Fezz enjoyed the pain of his victims and would more often than not kill them slowly, a hobby that my brother was relieved I didn’t share.” (Example from novelette)
I personally would have gone with this instead: “As an ex-felon Fezz enjoyed killing his prey slowly, inflicting as much pain as possible before they died.” Short simple and to the point.

At one point Emira leaves the Southerner with Fezz. Why would you leave someone you trust with an ex-felon who loves to kill Southerners? How does that make any sense? One of many issues that drove me crazy about this novelette.

The author has Emira dealing with emotions that she kept hidden for years as she leads her merc’s to kill Southerners and saving her people, the Easterners. When she meets a Southerner who causes her to question everything she knows, she starts to deal with her emotions causing her to almost get killed.  However we never read about the battle we are only told about in a few simple words.  I want details! I want to know what she was thinking that caused her to almost get killed. The author instead writes her emotions are warring on her face. Not helpful at all. I need details to be able to connect with the character.

Author area of concern when it comes to this author is the fact that Emira can read people as if their thoughts are written on their faces.  This Novelette is written in the first person but most of the time she has Emira reading the person as if they are speaking. It bothers me. I would have rather had dialogue than her ability to read a person’s face.

The lack of development of characters, settings and plot makes this novelette pointless. If the author would take the time to develop the characters, setting, and plot, this book would be a novel I would have enjoyed more. I don’t understand Fezz. Why is he an ex-felon? What did he do to become an ex-felon and why would an ex-felon lead a group of people?

What set the Easterners apart from Southerners? Fezz has the ability to tell that the Southerner who helped rescue the Easterners was a part of the group? What sets them apart? Why call them Southerners? Why call them Easterners? The lack of detail causes the book to fall flat at times causing me as a read to want to walk away and the book is only 31 pages long.

This novelette again has great potential if it had the help of a good editor.

This book can be found on Amazon Unlimited. I love the unlimited program because it gives you a chance to find unknown authors.

Eating Oreo cookies while brushing my teeth

I’m still here I promise and I am reading but the last month has been so busy with scouts, school, business trips (Not Me) more school, tiny humans breaking objects, therapy, group meetings and a minor surgery. (Fatty Tumor or as I like to call it my 1\2pound of fat gone.) That was all last week!

I hope to post a few reviews soon as I try to get a few minutes of quite time. However lets face it quite time with 4 kids happens only at bed time and by than I am falling asleep.

This last week my little 22 month old has taught me about living life and truly living life! I watched him play with the vacuum cleaner for an hour. He had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt as he discovered the hose and everything he could suck up in it including his arm. (I was right next to him the whole time.) I learned that putting away the dishes takes lot long with a 22 month old. However nothing is better than watching his eyes light up as he puts away the dishes himself.

I have always believed in living life to the fullest but my little guy has reminded me to find joy in the small and simple things.

50 Shades of Gray Read by my Husband

My husband wanted to know what was all the hype surrounding 50 shades of Gray. So he “borrowed” the book and started to read it. He couldn’t stop laughing and decided to while on a long boring business trip he would record himself reading the book. (FYI I have never read 50 Shades)

Warning he does swear and I got on him about that but he said I would have too if I had to read that book.



If you get the chance check out Amber and Eric is a Parody of every Erotic Romance.



Valentines Day


Until I met my husband I made sure to be single on this day because I didn’t want to buy a guy anything. Than my husband came around a swept me off my feet. (Not really Swept I actually tripped over my own two feet and he tried to catch me but I took him down too.)

This year our babysitter is heading off to a dance so my hubby is making me steaks and we are feeding the tiny humans MickyD’s. After dinner we will Cuddle reading 50 Shades while doing different accents laughing our butts off.

(Saw Kingsmen last night AWESOME!!)

Last year we went to a used book store pulled several over the top Romance novels and read each out loud to each other. He sounded like Sean Connery and I used the voice I use when reading my kids there books. AKA the Peppy Cheerleader.

He could buy me roses, jewelry, chocolates but nothing is more fun and memorable than cuddling reading books in different voice.

Did you know Eating Disorder isn’t all about Food? WHAT?

AnxzityThat’s right you Eating Disorder isn’t all about food. I mean I hate food I really do and I eat just enough to keep my body going but its all about control and the endless anxiety I feel every single day.

CONTROL: I can’t control life and I hate that. However I learned at a young age I could control my eating. When I ate, what I ate and later one how to hide my lack of eating. I couldn’t control my brother having brain surgery so I decided not to eat because I could control that.

I couldn’t control my Learning Disability so I decided I would drink a tall cold glass of water before I ate anything and that would fill me up and lots of watery fruit.

My wedding I couldn’t get married when I wanted to or who I wanted to invite so I decided crackers, cheese and water was all I needed because I could control how I looked in my wedding dress.

See it isn’t about food but about all the control I didn’t have.  Than one day I woke up and realized I was getting the runners high when I didn’t eat and boy I loved that feeling. Again something I could control and no one could take it away from me. After all it didn’t effect anyone around me. Wrong.

As the years past I found some help but soon I thought I was healthy enough to deal with whatever came my way. Baby 1,2,3 and 4 came and I ate healthy because I had too.  Than one day baby 4 didn’t need me to keep him alive he was eating, drink and moving on his own. Number 1 started to stress out about school projects, Number 2 had to be run all over the city for preschool, number 3 was acting out because number 4 was getting all the attention because well he was eating everything and some of it wasn’t edible. So I felt like a crazy person because I couldn’t control my thoughts.


I woke up on morning feeling like my brain was running wild with thoughts I couldn’t get a hold of. It started off simple with my husband texting at dinner and making friends on twitter. My mind however took a different route from sanity to crazy train. I accused my husband of online cheating at least every month. He would reassure me he wasn’t but I couldn’t stop the thoughts from bombarding me to the point I couldn’t sleep at night. Than my car tries had a slow leak which isn’t a big deal right. NOPE my brain went on crazy mode.

Here is a true story about my Anxiety and even though I know those are crazy thoughts I couldn’t help but think them.

Me: Oh man my car tire is low.

I need to find a gas station. What if I go to the gas station and they don’t have air? What if they have air and I have to wait in line that will make me late picking up my kids. If I am late picking up my kids someone might kidnapped them as they try to walk home from school and if they are kidnaped the chances of me seeing them is pretty much never because they will be in Mexico before I can call the police. My husband will leave me because marriages can never survive that kind of stress and he will take the other two and I will never see them again. I will be leaving on the streets all because my car tire was low.


That day I didn’t eat at all after the thoughts started to bombard me and before you ask YES I know those thoughts are completely crazy but I couldn’t help them from coming.

Eating Disorders are not all about food. Its about Anxiety, Depression, ODC and so much more. They are about the addictions and control. My addiction is to not eat and weigh myself endless on my scale.


Now I am getting help for the first time. I have finally decided I want to become a healthy person mentally, physical and emotionally.

I didn’t write this post so people would feel sorry for me. I wrote this hoping people realize an eating disorder isn’t always about food.

Here are a few links that helped me as well as those I love to understand what an eating disorder is and how to help someone who has one.




This one help my husband understand my anxiety so much more!


Fashioned For Power

Fashioned For PowerTitle: Fashioned For Power

Author: Kathleen Brooks

Stars 5 out of 5


Allegra Simpson Vice President of Simpson Fashion is the perfect daughter, sister and Vice President because she hides her emotions behind a pretty smile and perfect manners. Finn Williams though he lost everything when he blew out his knee ending his baseball career her found the love of his life. Allegra Simpson but little does he know that a mystery man has fallen in love with her to and will do anything to make her his. Even death!

Kathleen Brooks created a book that is family centered; around love, compassion and no matter what family comes first. Each book in this series is a standalone novel but read in order the reader will follow along as the characters develop and grow. Each story only adds to each other having the reader investing in the power series with each of the family member’s struggles, love and life.

The author takes on heavy topics for her mysteries with Allegra the author dives into stalkers and how the victims are often see it is their fault someone is terrorizing them. While the story is dark the author creates some humorous and sweet moments to keep their reader focused on the love story. Kathleen Brooks throw quite a few optional stalkers at you so when you meet the man you’re a little taken back.

This story ends as all of the authors other books but not without twist and turns that make you wonder if Allegra will have her happily ever after like her sisterse