Fashioned For Power

Fashioned For PowerTitle: Fashioned For Power

Author: Kathleen Brooks

Stars 5 out of 5


Allegra Simpson Vice President of Simpson Fashion is the perfect daughter, sister and Vice President because she hides her emotions behind a pretty smile and perfect manners. Finn Williams though he lost everything when he blew out his knee ending his baseball career her found the love of his life. Allegra Simpson but little does he know that a mystery man has fallen in love with her to and will do anything to make her his. Even death!

Kathleen Brooks created a book that is family centered; around love, compassion and no matter what family comes first. Each book in this series is a standalone novel but read in order the reader will follow along as the characters develop and grow. Each story only adds to each other having the reader investing in the power series with each of the family member’s struggles, love and life.

The author takes on heavy topics for her mysteries with Allegra the author dives into stalkers and how the victims are often see it is their fault someone is terrorizing them. While the story is dark the author creates some humorous and sweet moments to keep their reader focused on the love story. Kathleen Brooks throw quite a few optional stalkers at you so when you meet the man you’re a little taken back.

This story ends as all of the authors other books but not without twist and turns that make you wonder if Allegra will have her happily ever after like her sisterse


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