Valentines Day


Until I met my husband I made sure to be single on this day because I didn’t want to buy a guy anything. Than my husband came around a swept me off my feet. (Not really Swept I actually tripped over my own two feet and he tried to catch me but I took him down too.)

This year our babysitter is heading off to a dance so my hubby is making me steaks and we are feeding the tiny humans MickyD’s. After dinner we will Cuddle reading 50 Shades while doing different accents laughing our butts off.

(Saw Kingsmen last night AWESOME!!)

Last year we went to a used book store pulled several over the top Romance novels and read each out loud to each other. He sounded like Sean Connery and I used the voice I use when reading my kids there books. AKA the Peppy Cheerleader.

He could buy me roses, jewelry, chocolates but nothing is more fun and memorable than cuddling reading books in different voice.


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