50 Shades of Gray Read by my Husband

My husband wanted to know what was all the hype surrounding 50 shades of Gray. So he “borrowed” the book and started to read it. He couldn’t stop laughing and decided to while on a long boring business trip he would record himself reading the book. (FYI I have never read 50 Shades)

Warning he does swear and I got on him about that but he said I would have too if I had to read that book.



If you get the chance check out Amber and Eric is a Parody of every Erotic Romance.




One thought on “50 Shades of Gray Read by my Husband

  1. OMG! Thank you for posting this! I’m snowed in this weekend and catching up on blogs, and have laughed out loud for nearly 20 minutes! I cannot believe your hubby could keep reading this without cracking up every other line. He does a great job. What focus! Kudos, Douglas!

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