Eating Oreo cookies while brushing my teeth

I’m still here I promise and I am reading but the last month has been so busy with scouts, school, business trips (Not Me) more school, tiny humans breaking objects, therapy, group meetings and a minor surgery. (Fatty Tumor or as I like to call it my 1\2pound of fat gone.) That was all last week!

I hope to post a few reviews soon as I try to get a few minutes of quite time. However lets face it quite time with 4 kids happens only at bed time and by than I am falling asleep.

This last week my little 22 month old has taught me about living life and truly living life! I watched him play with the vacuum cleaner for an hour. He had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt as he discovered the hose and everything he could suck up in it including his arm. (I was right next to him the whole time.) I learned that putting away the dishes takes lot long with a 22 month old. However nothing is better than watching his eyes light up as he puts away the dishes himself.

I have always believed in living life to the fullest but my little guy has reminded me to find joy in the small and simple things.


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