Her Sanctuary by Toni Anderson

Sorry I can’t seem to post any pictures of the books at this time.

Title: Her Sanctuary

Author:  Toni Anderson

Stars 5 out of 5

This is the first book from Toni Anderson I have read and I will be honest I only read it because the book was free on Kindle. After reading the book I quickly bought her second book and plan on reading more by Toni Anderson in the future.  This book is a solid suspense novel with a slightly predictable ending your typical Happy Ever After.

Elizabeth Ward is an FBI agent but when an op goes wrong she is now on the run from the mob because she feels the FBI can’t protect her. She runs to a ranch in Montana in hopes of hiding from her past.  When she arrives at the Ranch she meets Nat Sullivan who is on the verge of losing his families ranch because of endless troubles from his sick mother to his boozing brother who can’t seem to take care of his own daughter and a cow hand with a past.

The author wrote a multiple characters suspense novel where we see each characters perspective and where they are at all times until the end of the book where each characters finds themselves in a deadly showdown. Toni Anderson made sure that each and every character written had a reason and a purpose to be in the book and no one was there just to carry on though her next novels.

The author tried to show Elizabeth as human and not the perfect FBI agent but she painted her as the best sharp shooter and yet Elizabeth seem to trip over her own two feet all the time. She would forget her gun when she was reaching for it which lets face it if the Mob is after me I would have my gun on me all the time.

I like Elizabeth but her past made it hard to see how she could have a future with Nat. I did have a little trouble with Nat because he did a lot of whiny but at the same time his mother is sick, his brother is a drunk and he is about to loose his ranch so I guess he has rights to whiny. The showdown at the end of the book has the reader dealing with blood shed but nothing you can’t handle and I love Nat’s reaction to the sell of his ranch as well.

This book had its predictability but at the same time it was well written keeping me reading to the end of the book. I feel books that are predictable I can get past when they are well written like Toni Anderson’s has done with Her Sanctuary. I plan to buy and read the next book in the series that will follow Josie and Marsh because that should be an interesting story. There is several sex scenes in this book between the different characters.





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