Thinking about writing a book about Motherhood


Lets face it the picture of Dad is really mom!

I have thought about this since my first little guy was born almost 9 years ago to writing a book about everything no one told me about motherhood. Just the first year alone with him could fill a book on everything no one told me would happen.  Its ok that you hoped and pray to have a child but when you are pregnant or when they arrive sometimes you will wish for the good old days of peace, quite and not having to throw in the toilet every time your husband tries to kiss you.

From the hours of holding a baby while he screamed at top of his lungs because of the endless gas to the explosive poops that would wake me up in the dead of night. To the first time he slept though the night at 18 months and the fact I didn’t get a wink of sleep thinking he had died in his sleep or at 13 months when he decided it would be fun to climb out of his bed and find us trying to have a little fun in bed.

Oh how crazy your body and mind go while dealing with work, lack of sleep, the crazy things you are willing to do just to get 5 min to yourself and of course hiding in the bath room.  That is only number one could you imagine the stories I have with number two trying to make number 3 disappear under a pillow demanding we take it back to the hospital to return it! Yes number two referred to number three as an IT! Until IT turned 4 years old.

Than when number 4 arrived how quickly my life changed once again not to mention my sanity. I’m not embarrassed at all the crazy things I did to survive my day and I almost want other moms to know its OK to not always be happy and you don’t always have to like your kids.  I love my children but lets face it sometimes I don’t like them.



Review Swamp Team 3

Swamp Team 3

Title:  Swamp Team 3

Author Jana DeLeon

Rating Stars: 3 out of 5

Undercover Fortune Redding has been in Sinful Louisiana dodging insults, and making up advice with the very handsome Deputy Carter LeBlanc for the last three weeks while she is hiding from a terrorist who wants her dead. When her friend Ally’s house is set on fire she decides to go back into CIA mode and find out who is trying to harm her. Carter warns Fortune that he will arrest her this time if he catches her.  Fortune promise but Ida Belle and Gertie didn’t so they decide to start investigating pulling Fortune along for the ride.
If anyone started this series or jumped in midships with this series you will feel a little lost. The Miss Fortune series is very silly- written that way on purpose. A reader can take a few minutes out of their day to laugh and giggle themselves silly after a stress filled day.  The mystery is always fun and never once do you take it seriously and if you do I feel bad because you missed the point to just have fun.

The Fortune Series is so funny with sharp writing and lots of wit – however this book has seemed to just fall into a rut and stay with the same theme not pushing the plot or storyline forward. I was kind of hoping either the terrorist would show up or the relationship with Carter would change but everything pretty much stayed the same as the last three books.

This story is like the others it isn’t to hard to figure out the mystery and why but the humor is why you read it.

I was disappointed with missed spelled words that I easily caught and would take me out of the story. After a while I found myself turning the pages fast to see if the story moved along but nothing changed.

Where Do you Hide to Read your Books?

We have 15 days of Spring Break and while normally we go somewhere for a few days (San Diego Beaches) this year we stayed home (Arizona) packing every single toy into a bag, washing everything in sight and when we declared we were lice free we only had two days left.  I have felt like a caged animal trying to figure out if I could legally eat my young while they fought, screamed, spit (Yes spit! Gross I know.) at each other and giggled their way around the long 15 days without any friend because we have become known as the LICE FAMILY! I have never tagged a family as Lice or anything else because its just plain rude!

(Some mothers eat their young in the animal kingdom. I think it is to get the older only to stop fighting with the younger ones. Make an example! Scare the others into being good!)

Pictures of Duck and cat (I still think the kitten is thinking humm lunch!)

Thankful my husband took care of the kids in the morning so I could get some extra sleep from late nights of cleaning. The other day I just needed to spend a few minutes alone reading something ANYTHING so as I finished another large load of laundry I created a fort on my king size bed hiding behind the walls of fabric. Stealing a few minutes to read. It was a very warm fort because everything had just come out of the dryer and it was most made up of towels and blankets with a few dozen pairs of jeans thrown in. (Not Mine my Husbands and he wears suits every day to work. I swear no one needs that many pairs of Jeans\Shorts. 🙂

I felt like a little kid hiding from my parents hoping not to get caught reading a dirty romance. (Not reading Romance! Reading Mystery Thriller) I will be honest it lasted about 45 mins but I think that is because that was how long Big Hero 6 had left on the Blue-ray. It wasn’t nice or good it was AMAZING to find time for myself even if I was hiding from my 4 amazing wonderful and sometimes really annoying kids.

As of tomorrow two will go back to school while two will be home. We will go back to homework in the afternoon, schedule of endless activities (Ok not really endless thankfully my kids have two left feet so sports and dance is out but Lego club, Reading club, scouts and anything else my kiddos can think of will start back up again.) I love being a stay at home mom!

So where do you or where did you hide to read your books?

Even with the lights off on the bathroom they will still find me because of the kindle back light. Trust me I have turned down the light and hide under a towel my kids have X-ray vision.

Have you ever tried to have adult time with four kids home? Lets just say you get to be very creative and very quite!

What is something you DREAD?


The other day if someone asked me something I dread I would say car accident or maybe someone robbing my house. Lice however would never have entered my mind because well that only happens when you have girls who love to have their hair brushed. My daughters I chase them around with the brush everything single day praying I can get it swiped before we walk out the door not to mention bath time fights. After all isn’t once a week enough?

Tuesday morning my son yells “MOM! I found a wiggle thing on my hand after scratching my head.” I think at that very moment I might have stopped breathing because all i recall was seeing spots as he came running towards me with his finger. I calmly walked him into the bathroom (AKA RUNNING) and looked though his hair. With in seconds I tried hard not to scream and run around the house yelling “WE HAVE LICE THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!” I called a friend who we call the lice killer because her girls have had it three times in the last years. She text me telling me to calm down that she would be over in a few hours. HOURS! I thought for sure the world was ending.

She arrived looking like an essential oils Ad but I figured she knew what she was doing and one by one she took each of my kids (and Me) and rubbed different oils on our heads.  Around 5pm we washed my oldest head to find he had lice for at least a month because of the endless eggs. My friend started to nit pick yelling “DIE LICE DIE!” as she killed each living lice. I on the other hand tried hard not to throw up. Yes a mom of four kids and I get sick at the slight of lice but I watched my doctor cut me open and removed a fatty tumor and said “That was officially the coolest thing I have ever seen.” Weird YES!

The next day she returned to help nit pick my sons hair and kept begging him to buzz his head as I picked though the girls hair. Than I watched as my 20 month old started to scratch his head. I yelled “THAT’S it if you are a boy in this house I am buzzing your head.” My son bust into tears you would think he was Samson and all his strength was found in his hair. So I made him a deal 4 hours of 100% mommy time, Dino Museum, the Challenger Space Center and a box of thin mint girl scout cookies. He agreed. We buzzed him and the baby than covered their heads in Crisco no joke Crisco. The next morning it took my two hours to nit pick all four kids heads instead of five on hours one head.

I went to my oldest daughters and found two live wiggles and jumped. I killed them and quickly covered her head in Crisco and by the end of the day all the kids heads were covered in Crisco because I was no chanting “DIE LICE DIE!” Just add an maniacal laugh to the chant DIE LICE DIE and you have one crazy sleep deprived mother. Who did twenty five loads of laundry. I only found to live lice that day on one head but I just didn’t want to take the chance of finding more.

The next day my kids wondered around the house with enough grease to be able to make fried chicken! I found more nits but no lice! My husband wanted to take me out of the house for the first time since Tuesday so Friday night we hired a babysitter telling her we were just getting over lice and to our supirsed she agreed to babysit.  I Was all cozy and ready to watch Cinderella when my husbands phone lit up with our babysitter parents demanding we bring her home because of the lice in out house.  Stressed from a busy week  I called the only person I knew that would go to my house and watch my kids. The Lice Killer. She dropped off her thirteen year old daughter who watched my kids so I could enjoy Cinderella! And Yes I loved Cinderella and her amazing blue dress.

I’m totally OCD right now with washing, steaming, vacuuming,Drying everything I can find.

1. So happy it is spring break and not a school week and I have the coolest friend EVER!

2. Bribes will be a mothers best friend and it will get your kids to do just about anything.

3. Having lice isn’t the end of the world its just a pain in the butt.

4. No matter how many time I have someone check my head it will itch every time someone says lice.

5. I dream of nit picking in my sleep.

6. Steamers ROCK!

7. Don’t forget the car seats!

8. Lice isn’t a big deal it really isn’t

9 Next time my kid says his head itch I am going to check it

10. Dirty hair and Lice are not good friends.

Review Watch Me By Cynthia Eden


Title Watch me
Author: Cynthia Eden
Rating:  Stars 4 out of 5

I love Cynthia Eden’s For Me series Fear for Me, Die for Me and Scream for Me  but I am not a huge fan of her Mines series because I feel it forces more on sex and less on the mystery or suspense which I love to read. Cynthia Edens is the queen of romantic suspense and this series the Dark Obsession isn’t any different with characters reader can sink their teeth into.  I just wish the books were longer.

Dark Obsession Series Starts in December with Watch Me 2014. Want Me January 2015 and ending with Need Me in February of 2015. So the readers will not have to wait long to find out what happens to the characters they start to care about.

The Beautiful Gwen Hawthorne wasn’t a hard security job for Chance Valentine but over the years he found himself falling in love with the sexy socialite. When he left Gwen father’s employment to make a name for himself Gwen is in trouble once again and her father hires Chance’s company to be her 24 hours a day bodyguard.  Gwen was everything Chance wanted in a woman and he found himself consumed by her to the point of distraction.  When they find that someone is watching Gwen as well 24 hours a day Chance refuses to let her out of his site.  Setting off fireworks that might just consume them both. (IE SEX)

This book is a second chance at love story with endless twist and turns a few gunshots a near death experiences. Cynthia has again taken a simple theme and has the reader on a wild ride from the beginning of the first page to the very last page of this short book.  Just when the reader thinks they know who and what is going on she will throw you for a twist you never saw coming. This is what I love about Cynthia Edens writing are the twist that has the readers mind rereading the book to find out what they might have missed.

As always Cynthia knows how to write sex scenes that will have the reader fanning themselves. I will say I have found that a lot of romantic suspense novels have found one word and they have to use it over and over again MINE. I could use without the Alpha male telling the female Mine or making her repeat it while they have sex.

This series will be a great addition to Cynthia Edens Romantic Suspense series of books but by far not my favorite. I love that you never know who the Stalker or Killer is until the very end and you will never guess as always.

Spring Break Has Arrived.

Spring Break

Spring Break as arrived for my tiny humans that run around my house making me questions if they are little demons or sweet angels? To top that off everyone seems to be wanting to send me books to review (Because its Spring Break) and because I am a yes person I say YES! Do people realize mommies of 4 don’t get Spring Break?

I am sure you are wondering how is it a mom of 4 tiny humans between 2-8 years old is going to be able to read around ten books this month? I am planning trips to the park, museums, possible McDonald’s (If I don’t throw up from the idea) visit to their dad at work because why should I be the only one going crazy and hopeful a few night sleeping over at their grandfathers.

I thought the sisters would enjoy seeing each other but so far one wants to be left alone while the other needs to play with her sister.  Thankfully living in Arizona we have the most amazing winters like today it is 78 degrees outside. So I just send the kids in the backyard to play while I try and figure out what to feed everyone because they are sick of PB&J. Who knew breathing on people was a capital offensive in my house?

As I finish one book I will start another while mixing and cooking dinner. I will sit outside in my hammock while my kids are running around. Ok lets face it I am not going to be in the hammock my kids will be in the hammock while I am laying in the warm sun and hopeful getting a tan. However I will not be reading while walking though the museum I have tried it comes before and found I was far from successful.

What will your spring break be like?

Review Billy Makes A New Friend

Title: Billy Makes A New Friend

Author: Ayala Sar

Stars 5 out of 5

Billy Makes A New Friend is your typical teaching book for kids between the ages of 4-8. This book teaches about feelings a child might not understand when they refuse to share their toys or when they do share their toys. The book rhymes nicely so your kindergarten-3rd grader will be able to read it with ease. The illustrations flow nicely with the story and with simple drawings that tell the story as well as the words.

I read this book to my 4 and 6 year old daughters who said the book was good but she shares her toys all the time with her friends. Than we talked about her sharing with her sister and maybe it would make her feel happier if she shared with her toys.  She nicely informed me that sharing with friends is totally different than sharing with your younger sister.

The story does have an older brother who shares as well but that went over my daughter’s head or she simply ignored that part of the story.

The author writes in simple terms so your kindergarten would be able to read and follow along or your 3rd grader is able to read it to his younger or her younger siblings.

A perfectly simple book for your children to understand the importance of sharing and you will be sharing the importance of reading with them.

Currently on Kindle Unlimited.