Review Marked Masters Author Ritter Ames

Marked Masters

Title: Marked Masters

Author: Ritter Ames

Stars 5 out of 5

Review:  Ritter Ames has written series books that are well-crafted with intriguing stories that keep the reader hooked from beginning to end. The characters are well develop that you never questions the characters motives or actions.

Ritter Ames sent me an advance copy of Marked Masters and I drove right in excited to find out what mysteries awaited Jack and Laurel.  The book move along quickly keeping the reader engaged with the shoot outs, dead bodies, and missing art as well as the tug a war relationship between Jack and Laurel. I enjoyed finding out more about Laurel’s background and her love for art. The author made Laurel come alive on the page making the reader care for her personal and professional struggles.

The book fill-ins in the details of Laurels life before her father lost everything and I enjoyed getting to know Laurel better to the point she was more person than a character on a paper. Some characters were flushed out while other stood still in the same place they were left at the end of Counterfeit Conspiracies.

Over half way through the book I was left with more questions than answers making realize not everything could be resolved by the end of the book. Which made me happy because I didn’t want the adventure to end.  As the readers follows a tried Laurel they began to feel for her and her lose never knowing her mother, who is Simon and what is Jacks connection to the endless government agencies.

Jack keeps way to many secrets from Laurel and you can feel her frustrations though the book. I also love the fact that Jack and Laurel are at each others throats which makes for some fun banter.

I enjoyed the chase scenes that were easy to imagine and in some ways this book reminds me of a modern day Remington Steele with the way Laurel (as Laura Holt) and Jack Hawkes (Remington Steele) play off each other though out the entire book.

I think the best part of this book is the question I started to develop…. Who is the Master Artist the person who created the art work or the Person who can forge the art work perfectly? If you love art, adventure and mystery this book is for you.


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