Spring Break Has Arrived.

Spring Break

Spring Break as arrived for my tiny humans that run around my house making me questions if they are little demons or sweet angels? To top that off everyone seems to be wanting to send me books to review (Because its Spring Break) and because I am a yes person I say YES! Do people realize mommies of 4 don’t get Spring Break?

I am sure you are wondering how is it a mom of 4 tiny humans between 2-8 years old is going to be able to read around ten books this month? I am planning trips to the park, museums, possible McDonald’s (If I don’t throw up from the idea) visit to their dad at work because why should I be the only one going crazy and hopeful a few night sleeping over at their grandfathers.

I thought the sisters would enjoy seeing each other but so far one wants to be left alone while the other needs to play with her sister.  Thankfully living in Arizona we have the most amazing winters like today it is 78 degrees outside. So I just send the kids in the backyard to play while I try and figure out what to feed everyone because they are sick of PB&J. Who knew breathing on people was a capital offensive in my house?

As I finish one book I will start another while mixing and cooking dinner. I will sit outside in my hammock while my kids are running around. Ok lets face it I am not going to be in the hammock my kids will be in the hammock while I am laying in the warm sun and hopeful getting a tan. However I will not be reading while walking though the museum I have tried it comes before and found I was far from successful.

What will your spring break be like?


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