Review Watch Me By Cynthia Eden


Title Watch me
Author: Cynthia Eden
Rating:  Stars 4 out of 5

I love Cynthia Eden’s For Me series Fear for Me, Die for Me and Scream for Me  but I am not a huge fan of her Mines series because I feel it forces more on sex and less on the mystery or suspense which I love to read. Cynthia Edens is the queen of romantic suspense and this series the Dark Obsession isn’t any different with characters reader can sink their teeth into.  I just wish the books were longer.

Dark Obsession Series Starts in December with Watch Me 2014. Want Me January 2015 and ending with Need Me in February of 2015. So the readers will not have to wait long to find out what happens to the characters they start to care about.

The Beautiful Gwen Hawthorne wasn’t a hard security job for Chance Valentine but over the years he found himself falling in love with the sexy socialite. When he left Gwen father’s employment to make a name for himself Gwen is in trouble once again and her father hires Chance’s company to be her 24 hours a day bodyguard.  Gwen was everything Chance wanted in a woman and he found himself consumed by her to the point of distraction.  When they find that someone is watching Gwen as well 24 hours a day Chance refuses to let her out of his site.  Setting off fireworks that might just consume them both. (IE SEX)

This book is a second chance at love story with endless twist and turns a few gunshots a near death experiences. Cynthia has again taken a simple theme and has the reader on a wild ride from the beginning of the first page to the very last page of this short book.  Just when the reader thinks they know who and what is going on she will throw you for a twist you never saw coming. This is what I love about Cynthia Edens writing are the twist that has the readers mind rereading the book to find out what they might have missed.

As always Cynthia knows how to write sex scenes that will have the reader fanning themselves. I will say I have found that a lot of romantic suspense novels have found one word and they have to use it over and over again MINE. I could use without the Alpha male telling the female Mine or making her repeat it while they have sex.

This series will be a great addition to Cynthia Edens Romantic Suspense series of books but by far not my favorite. I love that you never know who the Stalker or Killer is until the very end and you will never guess as always.


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