What is something you DREAD?


The other day if someone asked me something I dread I would say car accident or maybe someone robbing my house. Lice however would never have entered my mind because well that only happens when you have girls who love to have their hair brushed. My daughters I chase them around with the brush everything single day praying I can get it swiped before we walk out the door not to mention bath time fights. After all isn’t once a week enough?

Tuesday morning my son yells “MOM! I found a wiggle thing on my hand after scratching my head.” I think at that very moment I might have stopped breathing because all i recall was seeing spots as he came running towards me with his finger. I calmly walked him into the bathroom (AKA RUNNING) and looked though his hair. With in seconds I tried hard not to scream and run around the house yelling “WE HAVE LICE THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!” I called a friend who we call the lice killer because her girls have had it three times in the last years. She text me telling me to calm down that she would be over in a few hours. HOURS! I thought for sure the world was ending.

She arrived looking like an essential oils Ad but I figured she knew what she was doing and one by one she took each of my kids (and Me) and rubbed different oils on our heads.  Around 5pm we washed my oldest head to find he had lice for at least a month because of the endless eggs. My friend started to nit pick yelling “DIE LICE DIE!” as she killed each living lice. I on the other hand tried hard not to throw up. Yes a mom of four kids and I get sick at the slight of lice but I watched my doctor cut me open and removed a fatty tumor and said “That was officially the coolest thing I have ever seen.” Weird YES!

The next day she returned to help nit pick my sons hair and kept begging him to buzz his head as I picked though the girls hair. Than I watched as my 20 month old started to scratch his head. I yelled “THAT’S it if you are a boy in this house I am buzzing your head.” My son bust into tears you would think he was Samson and all his strength was found in his hair. So I made him a deal 4 hours of 100% mommy time, Dino Museum, the Challenger Space Center and a box of thin mint girl scout cookies. He agreed. We buzzed him and the baby than covered their heads in Crisco no joke Crisco. The next morning it took my two hours to nit pick all four kids heads instead of five on hours one head.

I went to my oldest daughters and found two live wiggles and jumped. I killed them and quickly covered her head in Crisco and by the end of the day all the kids heads were covered in Crisco because I was no chanting “DIE LICE DIE!” Just add an maniacal laugh to the chant DIE LICE DIE and you have one crazy sleep deprived mother. Who did twenty five loads of laundry. I only found to live lice that day on one head but I just didn’t want to take the chance of finding more.

The next day my kids wondered around the house with enough grease to be able to make fried chicken! I found more nits but no lice! My husband wanted to take me out of the house for the first time since Tuesday so Friday night we hired a babysitter telling her we were just getting over lice and to our supirsed she agreed to babysit.  I Was all cozy and ready to watch Cinderella when my husbands phone lit up with our babysitter parents demanding we bring her home because of the lice in out house.  Stressed from a busy week  I called the only person I knew that would go to my house and watch my kids. The Lice Killer. She dropped off her thirteen year old daughter who watched my kids so I could enjoy Cinderella! And Yes I loved Cinderella and her amazing blue dress.

I’m totally OCD right now with washing, steaming, vacuuming,Drying everything I can find.

1. So happy it is spring break and not a school week and I have the coolest friend EVER!

2. Bribes will be a mothers best friend and it will get your kids to do just about anything.

3. Having lice isn’t the end of the world its just a pain in the butt.

4. No matter how many time I have someone check my head it will itch every time someone says lice.

5. I dream of nit picking in my sleep.

6. Steamers ROCK!

7. Don’t forget the car seats!

8. Lice isn’t a big deal it really isn’t

9 Next time my kid says his head itch I am going to check it

10. Dirty hair and Lice are not good friends.


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