Where Do you Hide to Read your Books?

We have 15 days of Spring Break and while normally we go somewhere for a few days (San Diego Beaches) this year we stayed home (Arizona) packing every single toy into a bag, washing everything in sight and when we declared we were lice free we only had two days left.  I have felt like a caged animal trying to figure out if I could legally eat my young while they fought, screamed, spit (Yes spit! Gross I know.) at each other and giggled their way around the long 15 days without any friend because we have become known as the LICE FAMILY! I have never tagged a family as Lice or anything else because its just plain rude!

(Some mothers eat their young in the animal kingdom. I think it is to get the older only to stop fighting with the younger ones. Make an example! Scare the others into being good!)

Pictures of Duck and cat (I still think the kitten is thinking humm lunch!)

Thankful my husband took care of the kids in the morning so I could get some extra sleep from late nights of cleaning. The other day I just needed to spend a few minutes alone reading something ANYTHING so as I finished another large load of laundry I created a fort on my king size bed hiding behind the walls of fabric. Stealing a few minutes to read. It was a very warm fort because everything had just come out of the dryer and it was most made up of towels and blankets with a few dozen pairs of jeans thrown in. (Not Mine my Husbands and he wears suits every day to work. I swear no one needs that many pairs of Jeans\Shorts. 🙂

I felt like a little kid hiding from my parents hoping not to get caught reading a dirty romance. (Not reading Romance! Reading Mystery Thriller) I will be honest it lasted about 45 mins but I think that is because that was how long Big Hero 6 had left on the Blue-ray. It wasn’t nice or good it was AMAZING to find time for myself even if I was hiding from my 4 amazing wonderful and sometimes really annoying kids.

As of tomorrow two will go back to school while two will be home. We will go back to homework in the afternoon, schedule of endless activities (Ok not really endless thankfully my kids have two left feet so sports and dance is out but Lego club, Reading club, scouts and anything else my kiddos can think of will start back up again.) I love being a stay at home mom!

So where do you or where did you hide to read your books?

Even with the lights off on the bathroom they will still find me because of the kindle back light. Trust me I have turned down the light and hide under a towel my kids have X-ray vision.

Have you ever tried to have adult time with four kids home? Lets just say you get to be very creative and very quite!


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