Review Swamp Team 3

Swamp Team 3

Title:  Swamp Team 3

Author Jana DeLeon

Rating Stars: 3 out of 5

Undercover Fortune Redding has been in Sinful Louisiana dodging insults, and making up advice with the very handsome Deputy Carter LeBlanc for the last three weeks while she is hiding from a terrorist who wants her dead. When her friend Ally’s house is set on fire she decides to go back into CIA mode and find out who is trying to harm her. Carter warns Fortune that he will arrest her this time if he catches her.  Fortune promise but Ida Belle and Gertie didn’t so they decide to start investigating pulling Fortune along for the ride.
If anyone started this series or jumped in midships with this series you will feel a little lost. The Miss Fortune series is very silly- written that way on purpose. A reader can take a few minutes out of their day to laugh and giggle themselves silly after a stress filled day.  The mystery is always fun and never once do you take it seriously and if you do I feel bad because you missed the point to just have fun.

The Fortune Series is so funny with sharp writing and lots of wit – however this book has seemed to just fall into a rut and stay with the same theme not pushing the plot or storyline forward. I was kind of hoping either the terrorist would show up or the relationship with Carter would change but everything pretty much stayed the same as the last three books.

This story is like the others it isn’t to hard to figure out the mystery and why but the humor is why you read it.

I was disappointed with missed spelled words that I easily caught and would take me out of the story. After a while I found myself turning the pages fast to see if the story moved along but nothing changed.


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