Thinking about writing a book about Motherhood


Lets face it the picture of Dad is really mom!

I have thought about this since my first little guy was born almost 9 years ago to writing a book about everything no one told me about motherhood. Just the first year alone with him could fill a book on everything no one told me would happen.  Its ok that you hoped and pray to have a child but when you are pregnant or when they arrive sometimes you will wish for the good old days of peace, quite and not having to throw in the toilet every time your husband tries to kiss you.

From the hours of holding a baby while he screamed at top of his lungs because of the endless gas to the explosive poops that would wake me up in the dead of night. To the first time he slept though the night at 18 months and the fact I didn’t get a wink of sleep thinking he had died in his sleep or at 13 months when he decided it would be fun to climb out of his bed and find us trying to have a little fun in bed.

Oh how crazy your body and mind go while dealing with work, lack of sleep, the crazy things you are willing to do just to get 5 min to yourself and of course hiding in the bath room.  That is only number one could you imagine the stories I have with number two trying to make number 3 disappear under a pillow demanding we take it back to the hospital to return it! Yes number two referred to number three as an IT! Until IT turned 4 years old.

Than when number 4 arrived how quickly my life changed once again not to mention my sanity. I’m not embarrassed at all the crazy things I did to survive my day and I almost want other moms to know its OK to not always be happy and you don’t always have to like your kids.  I love my children but lets face it sometimes I don’t like them.



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