Review Killer Kung Pao


Title: Killer Kung Pao

Author: Patrice Lyle

Stars 5 out of 5

Who knew a wild crazy grand aunt, a pig, a psychic with bright pink hair, a Texans with a gift for drawing and a heart of gold,  a chocolate loving Naturopathic doctor and a little thing called murder would have me laughing non stop.

Patrice Lyle created such a fun outrageous book that will have readers laughing from beginning to the very end of the book.

Mystic Ming a possible fake psychic who likes to make fun of everyone is killed and Piper Meadows- Aunt Alfa is accused of the crime. Piper is a naturopathic doctor not a private investigator but once she prints out her PI flash cards she is committed to solving the case. Oh and a little thing called dead man texting.

I’m not sure I can decided who I loved the most in the book -Piper is amazing with her sweet unbreakable love for her Aunt willing to do anything to keep her safe. Even to the point of playing strip rock paper scissors with a murderer. Aunt Alfa is one crazy fun loving granny who will have you wanting to be just like her. Charles the Psychic Surgeon carries around a scalpel that makes you wonder what he has been up to. Babette who wants to take the place of the dearly departed Mystic Ming and last but not least the Texan cowboy with the heart of gold, lover of chocolate and a possible murderer.

This book is so much fun and the endless one liners will be going though your head all day from Bliss = Karmic Law of Caloric Subtraction to another line Turn calories consumed into calories burned and Oh Holy Chocolate Babka to the ninth degree.

I love this book Piper Meadows will have the readers laughing, cheering and awning all at the same time.

This is the most perfect beach read unless you don’t want people hearing you laugh out loud.


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