Book Reviews – Out of Dark (Falcon #1) – Geri Foster

Book Reviews – Out of Dark (Falcon #1) – Geri Foster


Title Out of Dark (Falcon #1)

Author Geri Foster

Stars 4 out of 5

I found this book free on Amazon and thought why not it might be a bit on the predictable side but maybe fun.  Lets say if you have a check list trust me everything will be check off when it comes to Romantic Military suspense books.

Russians Bad, American’s Good, Tall Dark and Handsome Alpha Male, Sassy Heroine who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she swoons over hot alpha males amazing hot body. Along with lots and lots guns, chases, bombs, houses blowing up, ex boyfriends, siblings, best friends better than family and the list goes on.
 Corporate attorney, Emily Richards is sent to Russia to mediate for her law firm but while she is there she tests out her “friends” latest technology for fun. John “Mac” McKinsey is running away from the Russians and needs an escape so he tucks himself away in Emily Hotel room until it is time to leave on her Corporate jet. Insert hot body, amazing abs and curves in all the right places, sex and you have the first few chapters in the book. This book has lots of fast pace actions scenes make up for some of the more cheesy elements in the first half of the book.

I feel Emily Richardson is reason I gave this book its four stars instead of one because of her very easy going character as well as her sassy attitude. Thankfully the author didn’t create a cry in the corner or why did you do that character for Emily otherwise I would have given this book a 1. Thankfully Emily is fun sassy in a good way. She loves her job, her quiet life, and doesn’t want adventure but when it happens she goes with the flow. Emily has baggage but it makes you find her more human. I love that the author doesn’t allow her to get mowed down by the Alpha males in the book and stands on her own to feet.

This book has lot of predictable moments but again the author makes up for that in the banter between characters, actions scenes and a few sexy scenes but instead of having Emily pine away for Mac she moves on.

All is all this book is a quick fun book you can read on those long cold winter nights or tuck it away for summer to read by the pool on that warm vacation you are thinking about.


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