Review Minutes to Kill Scarlet Falls Book 2

Title: Minutes to Kill Scarlet Falls book 2

Author: Melinda Leigh

Stars 5 out of 5

Melinda Leigh takes the readers back to Scarlet Falls New York Several months after the last books Hour of Need where her Brother Lee and his wife are murdered leaving behind two small children.
Hannah Barrett is a hard working corporate attorney who kicks butt in the office but when a young terrified girl calls for help Hannah tries to save her but fails with great harm to her life. Returning home to Scarlet Falls she finds a welcome distraction seeing family but instead of enjoying the times she is haunted by the imagines in her head as well as a chilling email about the victim.
Detective Brody McNamara once again is pulled into a brutal murder investigation. What he finds is two seemingly unrelated cases are about to collide.
Thank you to the author Melinda Leigh for creating a female protagonists who isn’t afraid of her own shadow and isn’t stupid. The Author created a protagonist who is able to take care of herself but finds and enjoys having someone to lean on when times get tough. Which sets up for a realist romance between Hannah and Brody.

Melinda Leigh filled in some past history giving allowing the reader to understand Hannah better and her abilities to always protect those she loves. I felt like Hannah wasn’t super human but someone who wanted to be loved by her father so she did everything she could to find that love and respect.
Readers are going to love the action, romance and story that author created at the end of Killing Hour. Melinda exposes her readers to the dark underbelly of human trafficking, illegal drugs and the abuse of power including a twist at the end of the story. The sad truth is this happens every day all over the world not just in Las Vegas.
She doesn’t give readers throw away characters in fact everyone has a purpose including the very freaky antagonists who have no conscious and will put the readers on the edge of their seats.

Advance Copy from Netgalley and the author.


Review Blind Ambition

Title: Blind Ambition
Author Gwen Hernandez
Stars: 2 1\2 out of 5
This book was sent from Netgalley as an Advance copy.
Dan Molina is sent to the hurricane ravaged Caribbean island of St. Isidore to find and bring home a kidnapped aid worker by the name of Alexa Alyssandrao. His mission falls apart when he realized that Alexa is Alyssa the only women to shatter his heart.  When Alyssa refuses to leave the Island until sick children are safe Dan does everything he can to protect the one woman he loves from disappearing forever.
Who doesn’t love second chance love stories with an alpha male and a strong female character who is trying to use her money to bring good into a torn apart country? However once I started the book it became really clear that Alyssa would be one of the female leads I wouldn’t be able to connect with because she take the weight of the world on her shoulders and is never good enough to love anyone because of one mistake in life. I figure Dan would be the redeeming characters instead he was annoying, just as whiny as Alyssa and couldn’t seem to stop pinning for the woman until he got her into bed.
Basically the story lacks creativity- it needed to be something new in the military\merc genre of books. The authors wording was slightly off she used the word redding to described when Alyssa blushed and other times a different word would have been better to describe what was going on. The ending twist was pretty obvious to the reader bring zero twist to the book. I agreed with Mick in the book when he said “You’re letting her do this to you again.”
Dan was a weak character. Alyssa was a weak character and the story lacked creativity. The sex scenes were uncomfortable to read, the fight scenes were ok and the dialog had moments of being funny but fell short.  I expect a lot when it comes to this genre because there are so many well written novels out there this is not one of them.

Lion Heart (Scarlet #3)


Title: Lion Heart (Scarlet #3)

Author: A.C. Gaughen

Stars: 5 out of 5

I have never been so excited to read the end of a series in my entire life.  I mean I didn’t want to say goodbye to Scarlet and Robin Hood but all good things must come to an end and I think A.C. Gaughen did a wonderful job saying good bye.

We pick up right where the last book left off give or take a few months Scarlet is in prison trying to get free. We are introduced to several new characters each one building the story A.C. Gaughen started with Scarlett. As always the author stayed true to her characters with one exception I wished some how John was in this book. Scarlet struggles with her identity but when she finally accepts who she really is and what power she hold the whole book heads into a wonderful direction causing the reader to want to learn more about this time in history to find the truth from the stories.

This book shows so much growth in A.C. Gaughen writing style and I look forward to seeing what else she plans to write. The first book in the series had moment where I wasn’t sure it was well written but more a writing assignment but as I have read the other two she had grown in her writing ability.

When the book ends you can tell A.C. Gaughen wanted to keep the story going because the end doesn’t feel like an end but a pause in the story.  I wanted to ask What happened to King Richard? The author fills in the historical details which was fun but I really wanted more I wanted to get to know Scarlet and how she would be with her father. Even if it is just fiction I would have enjoyed reading that interaction.

This book dives more into the history of England which I enjoyed since I am a history nut.

This book completes the trilogy that I didn’t want to end. I will miss Scarlet, Robin Hood, and Much!

Busy. Busy and Reading

I have been meaning to post some book reviews but I have been so busy reading, parting with the newest 2 year old on the block. Enjoying a painful yet wonderful mothers day (Threw out my neck) and getting ready for school to end.  I have finished 4 books that all need to have reviews written and hopefully posted soon. I love reading being able to get away from life and all the stresses that come with it for just a minute or two is wonderful.

I pick up two of my tiny humans from school and even though I have two in the car with me demanding food, air and my cell phone (I don’t give into the cell phone request.) I still am able to turn everything out and enjoy the 30 mins of sorta of peace. Last night I went to my group meeting as i pulled into the house I decided not to open the garage but to wait a few minutes and read a few pages in the current book I was sent from Netgalley. It was awesome! Good hiding place too! No one knew I was home!

School is coming to an end which means school programs (4 hours of dancing for the entire 3rd grade class.) My son is like his mommy two left feet this this will be a lot of fun to watch.

Everyone is excited for school break which is only 7 weeks along. (So lots of swimming, library and museum time!  I am excited for August because I will have 2 in school and one in preschool!

Now on to reviews!

Incriminating Evidence By Rachel Grant

Book Review – The Incriminating Evidence Book 4 – Rachel Grant


Title: Incriminating Evidence (Book 4)
Author Rachel Grant
Stars 5 out of 5

Review:  Rachel Grant’s Incriminating Evidence is a great  book about Archeologist Isabel and Alec a former Army Ranger and current owner of Raptor, a mercenary company that helps train that part of the US military.  The story starts off with a bang when Isabel find Alec her enemy in the Alaskan forest and has to decide whether to help him or go get help. The second she decides to help him her life turns upside and she doesn’t know who she can trust or what killed the only person she ever cared for.

This book takes the reader on so many twist and turns your head will spin wondering who is really after Isabel or are their after Alec.  Not to mention the romance between Alec and Isabel- so much fun to read.  This book has a great blend of romance with suspense not to mention Isabel and her feisty lines that come natural to the character.  Isabel, the female lead is a strong characters that women can follow and enjoy. Alec is the typical alpha, born into money and has his sights set on the Senate but Isabel doesn’t fall for his charms and boorish ways but instead tells him what she can handle and what she thinks.

Rachel Grant made the perfect book because she was able to have you feel for a characters who is only mentioned and never seen. The secret weapon is perfect because you don’t know really anything about it until it is revealed and I found it to be very innovative as if it could be real. I loved the action packed suspense, the romance and the villains.

The author didn’t leave any loose ends hooking the reader on for her next book. Incriminating Evidence is the perfect HEA and so well written I can’t wait to read anything Rachel Grant writes.

Sent to me from Netgelley

Shadow of a Doubt By Tiffany Snow

Book Review – Shadow of a Doubt – Tiffany Snow


Title: Shadow of a Doubt

Author: Tiffany Snow

Received for an honest review – Sent to me from Publisher for Advance Review
Stars: 5 out of 5

I have a Hate Love relationship with this book. I when I first started to read the book I fell flat for the first 35%. Ivy had zero backbone when it came to Devon she would say one thing and do the other which drove my crazy and I also didn’t want to finish the book because of that. She would have sex with him and than question their relationship deciding she wouldn’t follow him blindly and than she would follow him. She would stop having sex with him only to have sex with him because she needed him or sex I wasn’t quite sure because I was getting really bored of Ivy. Devon however I wanted to follow his story more. I wanted to know where he was going, who he was talking to and why he had such loyalty to Vega and the Shadow. (You get a small glimpse towards the end.)  Instead I read how Ivy triped, fell, prostituted herself and how Devon loved her to the point of wanting to kill or kill anyone who touched her.

Thankfully the action picked up and I found I couldn’t put the book down Ivy came out swinging bringing an energy with her that she really needed in the first half of the book. The roller coaster the author takes you on is great and is about 45% into the book with the highs of chases, actions and overwhelming odds to the quite moments where you learn more about Devon and his past. I wish the quite moments were less sexual encounters and thankful that changes somewhat when Ivy says no to sex. (Well she kind of says No but changes her mind.)

Tiffany Snow knows how to write sex scenes, chase scene and she has a way of painting scenes that make the book come to life. She also know how to play with the readers emotions keeping them on the hook until the very last word is read.
The book started off slow but soon found its tempo creating a world of spies, adventures, tournament souls, and hope. As I finished the book I found myself not wanting it to end. I needed answers that I know will be answered. As I had hoped with the end of the last book Ivy did gain a voice but she would push it aside for Devon. She is much stronger than she was in the first book but still a little weak for me. I am hoping Ivy is able to stand up on her own two feet without anyone’s help in the third and final book.

I love the action, spy stuff, chase scenes and others scenes I wish I could tell you but it would ruin the book. Lets just say you will sigh and than bite you nails.
I hated Ivy moping around, wondering if Devon really loved her and what her future would be like with him when Devon told her many times what the future held for them.

If you like Tiffany Snow books this is a must read.