Incriminating Evidence By Rachel Grant

Book Review – The Incriminating Evidence Book 4 – Rachel Grant


Title: Incriminating Evidence (Book 4)
Author Rachel Grant
Stars 5 out of 5

Review:  Rachel Grant’s Incriminating Evidence is a great  book about Archeologist Isabel and Alec a former Army Ranger and current owner of Raptor, a mercenary company that helps train that part of the US military.  The story starts off with a bang when Isabel find Alec her enemy in the Alaskan forest and has to decide whether to help him or go get help. The second she decides to help him her life turns upside and she doesn’t know who she can trust or what killed the only person she ever cared for.

This book takes the reader on so many twist and turns your head will spin wondering who is really after Isabel or are their after Alec.  Not to mention the romance between Alec and Isabel- so much fun to read.  This book has a great blend of romance with suspense not to mention Isabel and her feisty lines that come natural to the character.  Isabel, the female lead is a strong characters that women can follow and enjoy. Alec is the typical alpha, born into money and has his sights set on the Senate but Isabel doesn’t fall for his charms and boorish ways but instead tells him what she can handle and what she thinks.

Rachel Grant made the perfect book because she was able to have you feel for a characters who is only mentioned and never seen. The secret weapon is perfect because you don’t know really anything about it until it is revealed and I found it to be very innovative as if it could be real. I loved the action packed suspense, the romance and the villains.

The author didn’t leave any loose ends hooking the reader on for her next book. Incriminating Evidence is the perfect HEA and so well written I can’t wait to read anything Rachel Grant writes.

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