Busy. Busy and Reading

I have been meaning to post some book reviews but I have been so busy reading, parting with the newest 2 year old on the block. Enjoying a painful yet wonderful mothers day (Threw out my neck) and getting ready for school to end.  I have finished 4 books that all need to have reviews written and hopefully posted soon. I love reading being able to get away from life and all the stresses that come with it for just a minute or two is wonderful.

I pick up two of my tiny humans from school and even though I have two in the car with me demanding food, air and my cell phone (I don’t give into the cell phone request.) I still am able to turn everything out and enjoy the 30 mins of sorta of peace. Last night I went to my group meeting as i pulled into the house I decided not to open the garage but to wait a few minutes and read a few pages in the current book I was sent from Netgalley. It was awesome! Good hiding place too! No one knew I was home!

School is coming to an end which means school programs (4 hours of dancing for the entire 3rd grade class.) My son is like his mommy two left feet this this will be a lot of fun to watch.

Everyone is excited for school break which is only 7 weeks along. (So lots of swimming, library and museum time!  I am excited for August because I will have 2 in school and one in preschool!

Now on to reviews!


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