Lion Heart (Scarlet #3)


Title: Lion Heart (Scarlet #3)

Author: A.C. Gaughen

Stars: 5 out of 5

I have never been so excited to read the end of a series in my entire life.  I mean I didn’t want to say goodbye to Scarlet and Robin Hood but all good things must come to an end and I think A.C. Gaughen did a wonderful job saying good bye.

We pick up right where the last book left off give or take a few months Scarlet is in prison trying to get free. We are introduced to several new characters each one building the story A.C. Gaughen started with Scarlett. As always the author stayed true to her characters with one exception I wished some how John was in this book. Scarlet struggles with her identity but when she finally accepts who she really is and what power she hold the whole book heads into a wonderful direction causing the reader to want to learn more about this time in history to find the truth from the stories.

This book shows so much growth in A.C. Gaughen writing style and I look forward to seeing what else she plans to write. The first book in the series had moment where I wasn’t sure it was well written but more a writing assignment but as I have read the other two she had grown in her writing ability.

When the book ends you can tell A.C. Gaughen wanted to keep the story going because the end doesn’t feel like an end but a pause in the story.  I wanted to ask What happened to King Richard? The author fills in the historical details which was fun but I really wanted more I wanted to get to know Scarlet and how she would be with her father. Even if it is just fiction I would have enjoyed reading that interaction.

This book dives more into the history of England which I enjoyed since I am a history nut.

This book completes the trilogy that I didn’t want to end. I will miss Scarlet, Robin Hood, and Much!


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