Review Blind Ambition

Title: Blind Ambition
Author Gwen Hernandez
Stars: 2 1\2 out of 5
This book was sent from Netgalley as an Advance copy.
Dan Molina is sent to the hurricane ravaged Caribbean island of St. Isidore to find and bring home a kidnapped aid worker by the name of Alexa Alyssandrao. His mission falls apart when he realized that Alexa is Alyssa the only women to shatter his heart.  When Alyssa refuses to leave the Island until sick children are safe Dan does everything he can to protect the one woman he loves from disappearing forever.
Who doesn’t love second chance love stories with an alpha male and a strong female character who is trying to use her money to bring good into a torn apart country? However once I started the book it became really clear that Alyssa would be one of the female leads I wouldn’t be able to connect with because she take the weight of the world on her shoulders and is never good enough to love anyone because of one mistake in life. I figure Dan would be the redeeming characters instead he was annoying, just as whiny as Alyssa and couldn’t seem to stop pinning for the woman until he got her into bed.
Basically the story lacks creativity- it needed to be something new in the military\merc genre of books. The authors wording was slightly off she used the word redding to described when Alyssa blushed and other times a different word would have been better to describe what was going on. The ending twist was pretty obvious to the reader bring zero twist to the book. I agreed with Mick in the book when he said “You’re letting her do this to you again.”
Dan was a weak character. Alyssa was a weak character and the story lacked creativity. The sex scenes were uncomfortable to read, the fight scenes were ok and the dialog had moments of being funny but fell short.  I expect a lot when it comes to this genre because there are so many well written novels out there this is not one of them.


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