Review Minutes to Kill Scarlet Falls Book 2

Title: Minutes to Kill Scarlet Falls book 2

Author: Melinda Leigh

Stars 5 out of 5

Melinda Leigh takes the readers back to Scarlet Falls New York Several months after the last books Hour of Need where her Brother Lee and his wife are murdered leaving behind two small children.
Hannah Barrett is a hard working corporate attorney who kicks butt in the office but when a young terrified girl calls for help Hannah tries to save her but fails with great harm to her life. Returning home to Scarlet Falls she finds a welcome distraction seeing family but instead of enjoying the times she is haunted by the imagines in her head as well as a chilling email about the victim.
Detective Brody McNamara once again is pulled into a brutal murder investigation. What he finds is two seemingly unrelated cases are about to collide.
Thank you to the author Melinda Leigh for creating a female protagonists who isn’t afraid of her own shadow and isn’t stupid. The Author created a protagonist who is able to take care of herself but finds and enjoys having someone to lean on when times get tough. Which sets up for a realist romance between Hannah and Brody.

Melinda Leigh filled in some past history giving allowing the reader to understand Hannah better and her abilities to always protect those she loves. I felt like Hannah wasn’t super human but someone who wanted to be loved by her father so she did everything she could to find that love and respect.
Readers are going to love the action, romance and story that author created at the end of Killing Hour. Melinda exposes her readers to the dark underbelly of human trafficking, illegal drugs and the abuse of power including a twist at the end of the story. The sad truth is this happens every day all over the world not just in Las Vegas.
She doesn’t give readers throw away characters in fact everyone has a purpose including the very freaky antagonists who have no conscious and will put the readers on the edge of their seats.

Advance Copy from Netgalley and the author.


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