Review Ripped by Eddie Harris


Title: Ripped (A Blood Money Novel)

Author Edie Harris

Stars 5 out of 5


Ripped is book two of the Blood Money series and it starts off two months after book one where Beth Faraday (Tobias younger sister) has only been home recovering from tormented at the hands of a sadistic killer. Tobias Faraday runs Faraday Industries and will do anything to protect his sister and her future even if it means holding a woman in prison for a crimes he finds to be unforgivable. Chandler McCallister former British Spy is the reason his sister was tortured for days. Had she given the Faraday’s the information they needed Beth wouldn’t have endured the endless pain she has to be reminded of for the rest of her life. Chandler uses her sassy attitude as a way to keep everyone away from her including the only person she cares for- her twin sister.

When Tobias wants to go after the man who kidnapped his sister he needs Chandlers connections in Moscow and he doesn’t care if she comes homes alive or not because all he can see is red. Tobias learns he has created enemies all over the world but he uses his nickname to get what he wants without caring who gets in the way of the Ice King.
In a twist Chandler promises she will give Tobias every last person who harmed his perfect sister if she is allowed to go to her twin sisters wedding. Tobias figures it can’t be that hard to be a pretend boyfriend. He relies on his sister Beth to help him figure out how to be the perfect boyfriend.

Ripped is a gritty novel giving you the darker side in the business of weapons development. Tobias Faraday is known as the Ice king because he has no problem taking what he wants without bringing in his emotions until Chandler McCallister, who has everything he needs but refuses to give it up without conditions. Not even his cold stare gives “Toby” what he wants. Nothing Scares Chandler not even Tobias Faraday

Chandler has a family history she is not proud of but she uses it to her advantage getting her into a gang of murdering thugs. She is sickened by the blood on her hands but she does it to keep the one person she loves safe her twin sister.

Ripped will take the readers on a nonstop pulsing pounding adventure that will have reader understand Chandler so much better and instead of having her like they did in book one. This novel is gritty, bloody, lots of dead bodies but at the same time the heart of the story is all about family which is a great theme readers need in this day and age where we are told to always look out for one’s self.

This book doesn’t have just steamy moments, but moment that will have the reader needing a cold glass of water. Ripped switches things up in the romance department which was a fun change.

Ripped will have the readers hooked unable to put the book down until the very last page which will have the readers excited for book 3.


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