What day is it?

School starts July 20th and I am counting down the days until I can send two off and than in August I am sending one to preschool. I am so excited for the new years with new teachers, friends and learning.
My 9 year old came up to me and announced he was bored so I loudly announced school starts in two weeks. He doesn’t seem to bored any more and that works just fine for me.

Soon my little family will be heading north to a dude ranch in southern Utah for a family reunion. The last time I saw my entire family I was pregnant with number 3. So I have few family members excited to meet number 3 and 4. Being a family of 7 kids and 2 parents it is pretty hard to get us all together since we are spread all over the world. So ever 5 years we get together and talk, eat, talk and ask the older kids to watch the younger ones so the adult can play catch up. However this year their will be horse back riding, hiking, tubing and so much more fun things to do.

Update on my eating disorder I am still hanging on to 115lbs and I am proud that I have been able to maintain my weight for the last seven months. I know my therapist isn’t happy after all being 5’7 and 115lbs is underweight but hey I am happy because I have maintained instead of dropping. I am working hard fighting the negative thoughts that come when I eat meals. I am still not responsible enough to remember to eat Breakfast Lunch and dinner so my sweet hubby makes Breakfast and when he is home he will make lunch or even dinner. He has been patience with everything going on and so supportive I can’t imagine my life without him.

My husband works 6 days a week and than on Sunday we still don’t see each other because we have 3 hours of church and meetings afterwards. Oh if I can convince him I believe their just might be some dramatic reading from EL James Grey. It should be pretty funny. so if you have never heard him read 50 Shades and need a laugh follow the link. http://www.douglasbwimmer.com/silliness/

He is also writing so you can see a few stories from his college classes http://www.douglasbwimmer.com/musings/
Along with anything that comes into his crazy mind.

Silly Note By the way I always thought I was 5’5 but after argument I am officially 5’7. So wonder I am eye to eye with my husband on date nights in my 5 inch high heels.

So what day is it? You guess is as good as mine.
I will have more review posted soon I hope. Sleep hasn’t been my best friend again. 🙂


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