Review Royal Wedding SUPER CUTE!

Title: Royal Wedding

Author: Meg Cabot

Stars 5 out of 5

Mia Renaldo is 26 years old living the dream between royal, speaking engagements, running a teen community center and having the most gorgeous boyfriend Micheal what could make Mia life any better? Well Mia Grandmother leaked “fake” wedding plans, someone is trying to force Mia’s father off the throne leaving Genovia without a monarch and that is only the beginning.

I have never read Meg Cabot before but I couldn’t pass up the chance to read Royal Wedding because what girl doesn’t love the princess diary movies.

The book is written in the style of a diary entries, text messages that will crack readers up to Mia Renaldo’s Itinerary everything planned to the last detail for the royal wedding.

The cast of characters are brilliantly written with all the heart I fell in love with when I watched the movies.

For those who started these books as tweens will love following Mia as she become a young adult having to deal with a biological father who causes a international incident. Micheal and Mia are the perfect couple who have their ups and downs. “You would think that in the enlightened era in which we live, a single girl could have a boyfriend and a career and also a healthy sex life without getting called names. (55)”

Mia comes off as every girls best friend so as the story moves along you can’t hep but feel her pains, and excitement. This book has its laugh out loud moments, moments of remembering true friendships and love.

Royal Wedding is a perfect addition to the Princess Diaries series and I can’t wait to start at the beginning and read all the books in order. Also I love the surprise at the end. If you want to know you will just have to read the book for yourself.

Last but not Least – Crazy Ivan’s Bachelorette Party from Hell Invitation. This book will have you laughing out loud.


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