Where I have been you ask? Well I will tell you!

Being from a big family 7 kids 2 adults we get together every couple of years. The last time we were all together I had 2 kids and I was pregnant with number 3. Now number 3 is 4 years old and number 4 is 2 years old.
My parents try and get all of us together which some times seems impossible but this year we all decided to gather together at a dude ranch in southern Utah http://www.rockinrranch.com/
We are a loud group of about 34 people including tiny tots. We spent three days riding horses, roping, mutton busting along with nights of karaoke. That’s right KARAOKE!
I love my crazy family even though we have our issues like all families we still can get together and be crazy! We also had zero internet, cell phone service and no TV! Three days of being completely unplug was AWESOME!

The ranch had out family perform a rodeo which was awesome as well. However I learned that donkey’s and I do not mix. I fell off that sucker hitting my head so hard I couldn’t see for a very seconds or more. I don’t remember much but I do remember saying. “I loved this shirt!” I was very upset about getting my shirt covered in poop. My husband was worried because well I couldn’t see anything. I had a nasty headache for the rest of the day and a little sick to my stomach. My dad was upset I didn’t go to the doctors but since it was a three hour drive I wasn’t about to leave the fun.
I was upset about getting my shirt dirty and refused to drive three hours to see a doctor. However my proudest moment was taking 2nd place in Rodeo!

Finally home with school starting on Monday I am trying to get my tried body up and moving.


Even though it was a family reunion it was also a family vacation for our little family and we learned one thing.
“WE ARE MAKING MEMORIES!” However can you explain two tried parents and four smiling kiddos.


I couldn’t help myself after 3 hours of driving the same long stretch of road I needed to do something crazy


I wore these no stop! Amazing boots from Hush puppies! Never once did my feet get wet and we rode though so much water my clothes were no long blue but brown. Worth every single penny!




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