Review Hot and Bothered By Lynn Raye Harris


Title: Hot and Bothered

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Stars5 out of 5


ARC received from Author

When I first heard about Hot and Bothered I wasn’t really excited about the book because I really didn’t like Victoria’s sister Emily Royal bin Yusuf from Hot Rebel. So personal I wasn’t going to read this book for that reason. I just wasn’t interested. When I was contacted to read the book I figured out hey why not a throw away book no big deal.

I was so wrong this book was full of humorous moments, dark moments and one heck of a roller coaster of emotions that all centered around Emily and Ryan Gordon. Lynn Raye Harris is able to take an unlikeable character and make you care for her and the future she is trying to create for herself. The beginning of the book starts off a little slow but soon takes off gives the reader a good idea who Emily is and what she wants in life.

This book takes the readers on a nonstop action thrill ride through the Middle East with Emily hoping to bring some respect to her name again and not be known as a terrorist.

Reader will find themselves laughing with Lynn Raye Harris quick dialogue, Alpha males and the women who will not be pushed around to make their Alpha males happy. I enjoyed this book so much more than Hot Ice because the story didn’t revolve around sex but desires for someone’s happiness.

Hot and Bothered is a perfect fit into the HOT series and will have readers wanting to know more about the mysterious Mendez and Ian.

This book is a stand alone but I would recommended you read Hot Rebel to get a little background on Emily.


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