Things will be changing here

So I have mentioned before I have been helping my sister out with her blog. Well she is too busy working full time as a High School teacher and not to mention full time mom of 3 teenagers and two college students. So I am stepping up and taking over her blog

I will still use this blog but most of my activity for books reviews and products reviews will be found there. I will still use this blog for my personal life and goofy things my husband comes up with like reading  50 shades told from the view of Christan.  If you need a good laugh go listen to this one.

I won’t be taking over until September 1st.

On another note we have AC again.

That’s all I can think f since I am currently hiding away in the dark bathroom hoping no one notices my computers light.


One thought on “Things will be changing here

  1. well, guess what? I have an autographed pic of Jack Lord, yes, the real thing. If I email you a copy, would that make you smile? Just trying to help out here. Hugs

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