Struggling with an addiction to not eating always sounds funny to me. I am addicted to not eating! Yesterday Labor day is one of many days of the year I dread because it is all about eating. SO as I woke up I could feel my anxiety starting to build knowing I would have to face a day of eating. Thankful we had breakfast at home because the very thought of leaving the house as a family to eat a huge breakfast freaked me out. So thankful I had a mini bagel and flavor water for breakfast. The morning was simple I needed to buy a new bra. So I left the house with high hopes only to find out my boobies after 4 babies do not fit the mold in the normal bra world. Wide ribs and tiny booblets. The thing is I have accepted my tiny boobie the hard part is spending 50$ on a bra that will do its job and be comfortable and not think I should be buying something for my kids. Spending money causes my anxiety to increase not to mention it is already 12:30 and I knew when I arrived home I would have to eat lunch because my husband was home. When I walk in the door I see McDonald’s New Buttermilk chicken sandwich. I cut it in half much to my husbands dismay but honestly it wasn’t very good and the tomato didn’t taste fresh at all not matter what the box said. He was upset again that I didn’t finish the other half but trust me it wasn’t good enough. The day went on until dinner time by this point my anxiety is riding so high I leave the house needing a little air and I needed to get away from food. I did eat burgers my husband made along with handful of chips and fruit. However nothing tasted great because all I could think about was the endless calories I was putting into my mouth.

By the end of the night I was getting ready for bed as my mind was going a mile a minutes. I decided to explain how I was feeling about eating and how hard it is and sometimes I just can’t eat and he has to deal with it.

Which my husband pulls out this card “What would you do if I was an alcoholic and I said I just need one drink and I will have everything under control!” It seemed like a low blow at the time because I was already so overwhelmed but the more I thought about the more I realized it is the same thinking I use. I can control everything if I just don’t eat one meal.

Addictions are hard. When I don’t eat I get the greatest high and I feel like I can do anything when in fact my body is I need food. FEED ME! I wish I could say I am recovering Anorexic but I am not even close in fact I pray sometimes that I can just do an entire day without eating to feel like my old self.  I don’t want to be that person but the person I am trying to become is hard and the fight some times doesn’t seem worth it. I want to roll over as say YOU WIN FOOD I WON’T EAT but I can’t if I want to be a mom to my amazing 4 kids and the wife my husband needs me to be and the happy person I want to be.

Life isn’t easy but I will not let it get me down!


I am lost.

I have been working on my sisters blog trying to figure out how to update to be well more me. I learned quickly that I have no idea what I am doing. From Twitter to facebook this is a whole new world for me.  So this is all very knew and very confusing.

I figured with at least 2 gone all day at school one gone 3 hours for 3 days a week leaving me 1 at home I could totally figure this blog out and me up and really running by well TODAY!

Nope not even closet. I am working on the blog today while my 4 kids are running around the house like the amazing crazy monsters they are.


Here is the twitter account where it will be about the blog and lots of just random things that happen though out my day, week, months and lets face is hours.

Facebook is still being worked on but if you find it Like My Page.

Also please check out the blog give me feed back I would love to know what to fix.  I might just update the photo to the new Hawaii 05 guys. Yummy!

I will still use this as my way of venting, talking about like with crazy 4 kids and just about everything in between.