Facing your greatest Fears

For the next who knows how long I will be facing one of my greatest fears every single Sunday playing the piano while people sing. Not to mention playing the piano publicly for all to hear.

I know I am hard on myself in fact I have been playing the piano since 7th or8th grade and in college I took several classes with piano but I have never once felt confident enough to play publicly for anyone not even my family. It has always been my private get away where I am free to express my emotions by playing the piano.

It all started when I wanted voice lessons because I wanted to perform on stage but instead my mom thought piano would be better after all I was already playing the violin and I was interested in playing the flute. (FYI neither one I was any good at.) I would pound on the piano until I could figure out the notes to a song I like so I think my mom figure instead of be playing by sound lets teach her site too. SO I sometimes can pick up easy music and play without every having heard the song. I am not good at it but I can do it.

Back to my fears everyone in my church has the ability to play the piano or sing no joke. SO I still can’t figure out why I was chosen when I shake from fear so bad I fudge notes until I catch up with everyone singing.

I also joke when people say don’t hide your talents. My talent is hiding my talents under a mountain so now one has any clue I can do more than read lots of books. I am LDS or you might now as Mormon so everyone volunteers for  calling at church and yes I was asked to play and now I am playing every single Sunday.

Here is hoping I don’t pass out from fear.  I like Music it isn’t my life but I like it. Now bring me to an art museum and I will go crazy with my thoughts and opinions, tell me to talk to hundreds of people NO PROBLEM, tell me to play the piano and I will pass out cold.

Wish me luck!


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