Spring Break or as I like to call it 14 days straight of hell.

I know right spending endless days (14 days) with my 4 amazing kids should never be called hell.

Yes 14 days spring break because we have a modified school year. The longest break is 7 weeks from the end of May- July and starting in July my third child will be in all day kindergarten. (WAHOO!)

Back to 14 days of school break where my kids will tell me they are board because we can’t go swimming. They will be board because the park won’t be any fun after two days. Riding their bikes will only be fun after they have challenged each other to rid their bikes no handled. (Thankful one is still learning how to ride the bike so I shouldn’t have too many broken bones.)

I plan to take them to the Dino Museum where I let them run lose because first off they are really good kids and second most spring break doesn’t start until the following week.

I would love the idea of taking a trip but lets face it vacations are not the same since having kids.  I remember when vacations were spending hours on the beach, than eating at the most unusual restaurants or hole in the walls. Sleeping in for hours until we decided that maybe we will leave the hotels room.Coronado island as an adult is so much fun but with kids it is pure torture.

Now vacations consist of eating at McDonald for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The beach is off limits because I have a toddler who hates sand. So we might go to Disneyland where I will take the girls and toddler to see the princess while my husband will take our oldest son on all the fun rides. Than we get back to the hotel where one of us will share a bed with a child who can’t seem to stay in one place.

So instead I plan to figure out what to do for two weeks. Playdates/Hangouts, trips to the part, museums, Library, and nights out with friends to remind me there is more to life than kids. WAIT is there more to life??

I love my amazing kids just sometimes I want to be reminded I am more than just a mom.