Drop off or pick up from school?

I already shared this post on my book review blogging site as well as facebook but I really want it out there so there one more time.  I want other moms to know its ok to struggle and it oks to be “Helicopter Parent” and its ok if you can’t be there for everything your child does. Believe I know how you feel.  Its not easy saying good bye knowing you have zero control on how their day will turn out. Trust yourself you know what is best for your family big or small.

I brought my husband to tears.


Life never stops for a second no matter how hard you try to make it.

My kids are growing up before my eyes; some days VERY slow and other days, so fast I can’t breathe.

Last night at 3 am my husband and I woke up to giggling. So he went and found out what was going on because let’s face it: if I am not taking care of newborns crying, I am not getting out of bed.
What does he find but our two girls in the bathroom giggling as the oldest is going potty. They said they didn’t want to be alone in the bathroom or in the bedroom so they went together.
(Yes everyone, it starts this early.)

Every morning I drop my kids off at school. Yes, I am one of those parents and at first, I was embarrassed.  I grew up walking to school so I figured so would my kids. What’s the big deal, right? Well, if I did this is what I would miss: “I love you mom”, “I miss you mom”, “Have a good day mom”, and “Don’t be sad that we are not home” as they leave the car. (FYI 99% of the time I do not miss them.)

One day my 9 year old got out of the car and I yelled, “LOVE YOU! Have a AWESOME DAY.”  He came back to my open window and said, “I love you and try not to miss me too much.”

I understand that walking gives them the independence they need to face the world each morning but guess what? Sometimes the world is just a little too hard to face and maybe that last “I love you” will stick with them long enough to share their love and compassion with those around them who need it.

So instead of looking at those car parents as “helicopter parents” think of them as the last line of defense before the world invades their child’s small hearts and tries to beat them down. Life can be mean. They’ll learn that in time. No need to rush that lesson.

One day they will  not want me to drop them off. They will want to take the bus, walk to school or heaven help me, drive. They will not want their mother around to throw those silly kisses at them because it’ll embarrass them. Trust me, I will be that mom.

I can’t go on field trips because I have other littles at home, I can’t be there when they fail a test, or get teased on the play ground, or get bullied.  However, I can remind them every single morning I love them no matter what and to try their very best.

Remind me of this when I am yelling at them to get their butts moving in the morning.


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