Allow them to Discover

Discover YOurself

I have been watching many friend struggle in their adult lives. As I watched, talked and listened I realized they missed a really important step in their lives. Self Discover.   We are all parents between 30-45 and yet each one of us are in different area of our lives.

College for me was the step to discovering who I was without my parents and what I believe.  I questioned everything from the air I breathed to why am I here?  My mother hated this time in my life but she allowed me to work though my miss steps, triumphant steps with guidance from her but mostly from my dad who stood back and allowed me to make mistakes but was there when I needed a hug.

These friends missed that step.

As I questioned. I found my own personal answers.  As I grew I discoevered more answers. I married my best friend though those questions and answers.

Married life wasn’t easy bring two very different ideas about the world together. WE listen to each other and grew together asking questions and finding the answers together.  Another step my friends seemed to have missed in their marriage. (Not all but some)

I am very religious and I have no problem telling people but I will not force it down your throat. When I was younger I was taught to question and seek or find the answers for myself.  I still use those steps today as I seek answers in my life.  If something doesn’t sound right I question with an open mind and heart to find the answer and it will come over time.  The difference between my friends and I is that they never questioned the foundation they were taught. Now when the winds start to blow they can’t help but turn their heads to the loudest voice and listen instead of discovering it for themselves.

Ever day I discover something new about myself some good some not so good.  Each day I wake up with a song, a questions and a reason to figure out life.  No one tells me how to think or that my ideas are wrong because well they are my ideas on how to live, feel and think.

I want my children to find themselves without the winds of everyone else telling them what to think.  I want them to stand on their own two feet and own their decisions in life knowing the dad and I will always be there to hold them in a time of need.  Love them with the decisions they feel are right.

They are small still and I drag them to church every Sunday to listen to what I have been taught because I know it to be true. When the day comes and they need to find the truth out for themselves I have guided them the best I can. I did everything I could to give them a stepping off point.

I don’t want them to feel they need my approval for everything HOWever that would be a mothers dream but they wouldn’t find out who they are.

I want them to discover life the way I did. With a little safety cord for those times jumping off the cliff is just a little to scary.

Discover who you are before you bring little ones into the world.  Once you are a parent there is no time to figure it out.  Children look up to your for everything. Trust me I am tried every single day and wonder why I am doing it.

I am doing it because I was called to be a mom. No matter what anyone thinks or says this is my calling in life.   18 I wanted to conquer the world.  Today I want my kids discover who they are and be the best they can be. No need to conquer the world just conquer yourself.


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