School Starts SOON!!

Summer Over

Summer is over as of July 25th!!

This week and next are endless appointments, play dates/hanging out with friends. Getting ready for school, everyone up bright and early. Which isn’t hard in his house those tiny humans are up at 6:00am every single morning.

Number 3 is starting kindergarten so I have already warned all my friends that the 25th I will be calling pacing around the around without any focus because I will worry she had a good day.  I am so happy and proud of my little shy girl and I can’t wait to see how much she loves school.

Number 4 however I am worried about because he loves having his brother and sisters around him all day.  I have a feeling a little shadow will be with me. He has one more year until preschool so hopefully we can get him potty trained.

Having a clean house will be wonderful but boy it will be quite to. I can finally get baby books worked on not to mention working out while the little one is napping without someone yelling for Minecraft.

I am beyond excited and scared all at the same time.



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