The Pestilence that will not be NAMED!

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The last two weeks i have been sick with a head cold and my husband had enough of the coughing not to mention the price of tissues I swear have gone up. I told him the doctor won’t be able to do anything for me but I still took care of it and guess what I have viral bronchitis . The doctor said I must be around people who smoke because only smoker really get this.

Now that’s funny because no one of my friends smoke. In fact I have asthma so I know if I am around smoking I cut my life span down. (Which wouldn’t be a big deal if you think my grandmother is turning 100 this year.)  Bars don’t even let people smoke in them and when I have a cold I avoid any and all places that might have someone smoking because I hate getting bronchitis.  They changed my rescue inhaler for a different one in hopes that will clear things up.  The mornings are the worst and my voice comes and goes. So you can Imagine my kids love it because all I can do is snap my fingers or clap my hands. Which my 3 year old takes as keep on going mom thinks you are being cute.

Sunday morning before the Urgent care visit my son comes up to me and says “My head itches.” I ask him to give me a second and I figure out my cycle started. (What? Yes that’s right crazy train has felt the station might not be back)

I take him outside and sure enough I find pestilence we will no name because it might bring them back. I try hard not to freak out instead I tell my husband get the clippers and get rid of all that hair.  This kid had tons of hair. It took twenty minutes to get it short enough.  After he was done clipping I made him change his clothes outside, covered his head in Crisco, wrapped it with plastic wrap and tapped it so nothing could escape.  I might have started chanting DIE bug Die in my very hoarse voice.  I quickly checked everyone else heads and they looked cleared.

I didn’t know where to start. I was completely lost because last time I was in such a panic I called a friend over to help me and than passed out. No joke I totally passed out from not breathing.  I quickly did what I could remember pulling apart all the bed, pillows and the list goes on.  I don’t have a steamer and I didn’t want to become the plague to my friends so I didn’t borrow the streamer instead I vacuum the beds and anything else you can think of.  My husband took the girls and left for the day.

Here I am sick, on my period and my son has lice once again.  Than it hit me someone has to have a list of everything a person should do if their family has lice.  I search and found every horror story possible to the point I had a complete and utter anxiety attack and than my OCD clicked in.

Monday morning arrives and I found two black nits on my sons head which means the lice is dead.  I checked my daughters head and I wasn’t sure what I found. One tiny clear seed pod.  I pulled it out and sprayed her head and the other daughters head with tea tree oil mix.  As the day went on my son helped clean by watching his yonder brother while his sisters were at school.  The day went on and my anxiety crazy train took off thinking about that seed pod I found on her head. My head wouldn’t stop itching so after picking the girls up from school I quickly covered their head in Crisco as they both cried.  Than I put bright pink shower caps on their heads. I than covered mine because I couldn’t’ stop itching and by the way still can’t.

Homework done, and the kids were all playing with their crisco heads. I sat down and started to make a check list of everything that needed to be done.  I call it the Lice Check List of things to always keep on hand, what needs to be washed vs bagged or dryer.

Once I get it finished I will put it up on the site for anyone and every one to use.  The Pestilence that will not be named is currently unfound in the house. I refuse to say we are clear but I haven’t found a nit but those things are so tiny who know until 14 days later.


No one is safe from the pestilence that will not be name if you have kids of any age. Girl, Boy doesn’t matter they all bring it home at some point.  I have put the fear in my kiddos and told them if teachers have a problem they can call the momma.

List coming soon.


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