Book Reviews – Out of Dark (Falcon #1) – Geri Foster

Book Reviews – Out of Dark (Falcon #1) – Geri Foster


Title Out of Dark (Falcon #1)

Author Geri Foster

Stars 4 out of 5

I found this book free on Amazon and thought why not it might be a bit on the predictable side but maybe fun.  Lets say if you have a check list trust me everything will be check off when it comes to Romantic Military suspense books.

Russians Bad, American’s Good, Tall Dark and Handsome Alpha Male, Sassy Heroine who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she swoons over hot alpha males amazing hot body. Along with lots and lots guns, chases, bombs, houses blowing up, ex boyfriends, siblings, best friends better than family and the list goes on.
 Corporate attorney, Emily Richards is sent to Russia to mediate for her law firm but while she is there she tests out her “friends” latest technology for fun. John “Mac” McKinsey is running away from the Russians and needs an escape so he tucks himself away in Emily Hotel room until it is time to leave on her Corporate jet. Insert hot body, amazing abs and curves in all the right places, sex and you have the first few chapters in the book. This book has lots of fast pace actions scenes make up for some of the more cheesy elements in the first half of the book.

I feel Emily Richardson is reason I gave this book its four stars instead of one because of her very easy going character as well as her sassy attitude. Thankfully the author didn’t create a cry in the corner or why did you do that character for Emily otherwise I would have given this book a 1. Thankfully Emily is fun sassy in a good way. She loves her job, her quiet life, and doesn’t want adventure but when it happens she goes with the flow. Emily has baggage but it makes you find her more human. I love that the author doesn’t allow her to get mowed down by the Alpha males in the book and stands on her own to feet.

This book has lot of predictable moments but again the author makes up for that in the banter between characters, actions scenes and a few sexy scenes but instead of having Emily pine away for Mac she moves on.

All is all this book is a quick fun book you can read on those long cold winter nights or tuck it away for summer to read by the pool on that warm vacation you are thinking about.


Review Killer Kung Pao


Title: Killer Kung Pao

Author: Patrice Lyle

Stars 5 out of 5

Who knew a wild crazy grand aunt, a pig, a psychic with bright pink hair, a Texans with a gift for drawing and a heart of gold,  a chocolate loving Naturopathic doctor and a little thing called murder would have me laughing non stop.

Patrice Lyle created such a fun outrageous book that will have readers laughing from beginning to the very end of the book.

Mystic Ming a possible fake psychic who likes to make fun of everyone is killed and Piper Meadows- Aunt Alfa is accused of the crime. Piper is a naturopathic doctor not a private investigator but once she prints out her PI flash cards she is committed to solving the case. Oh and a little thing called dead man texting.

I’m not sure I can decided who I loved the most in the book -Piper is amazing with her sweet unbreakable love for her Aunt willing to do anything to keep her safe. Even to the point of playing strip rock paper scissors with a murderer. Aunt Alfa is one crazy fun loving granny who will have you wanting to be just like her. Charles the Psychic Surgeon carries around a scalpel that makes you wonder what he has been up to. Babette who wants to take the place of the dearly departed Mystic Ming and last but not least the Texan cowboy with the heart of gold, lover of chocolate and a possible murderer.

This book is so much fun and the endless one liners will be going though your head all day from Bliss = Karmic Law of Caloric Subtraction to another line Turn calories consumed into calories burned and Oh Holy Chocolate Babka to the ninth degree.

I love this book Piper Meadows will have the readers laughing, cheering and awning all at the same time.

This is the most perfect beach read unless you don’t want people hearing you laugh out loud.

50 Shades of Gray Read by my Husband

My husband wanted to know what was all the hype surrounding 50 shades of Gray. So he “borrowed” the book and started to read it. He couldn’t stop laughing and decided to while on a long boring business trip he would record himself reading the book. (FYI I have never read 50 Shades)

Warning he does swear and I got on him about that but he said I would have too if I had to read that book.


If you get the chance check out Amber and Eric is a Parody of every Erotic Romance.


Fashioned For Power

Fashioned For PowerTitle: Fashioned For Power

Author: Kathleen Brooks

Stars 5 out of 5


Allegra Simpson Vice President of Simpson Fashion is the perfect daughter, sister and Vice President because she hides her emotions behind a pretty smile and perfect manners. Finn Williams though he lost everything when he blew out his knee ending his baseball career her found the love of his life. Allegra Simpson but little does he know that a mystery man has fallen in love with her to and will do anything to make her his. Even death!

Kathleen Brooks created a book that is family centered; around love, compassion and no matter what family comes first. Each book in this series is a standalone novel but read in order the reader will follow along as the characters develop and grow. Each story only adds to each other having the reader investing in the power series with each of the family member’s struggles, love and life.

The author takes on heavy topics for her mysteries with Allegra the author dives into stalkers and how the victims are often see it is their fault someone is terrorizing them. While the story is dark the author creates some humorous and sweet moments to keep their reader focused on the love story. Kathleen Brooks throw quite a few optional stalkers at you so when you meet the man you’re a little taken back.

This story ends as all of the authors other books but not without twist and turns that make you wonder if Allegra will have her happily ever after like her sisterse

REVIEW HOT Ice by Lynn Raye Harris

ICE HOT Grace Campbell the daughter of United States Senator is a scientist creating a super virus that could destroy nations. When she is almost attacked outside her lab her father wants the best protection possible. Garrett “Iceman” Spencer is one the HOT specialist who didn’t join the elite black ops group to baby sit a spoiled senator’s daughter. As Garrett is sent to protect the princess he finds a shy woman who might be able to thaw his heart. I have read several HOT novels and each one has hot sex scenes, enough Alpha males to drive a sane women crazy, lots of action and more sex. What I have enjoyed about the HOT series is each book is its own entity so the reader can start on book three and know what is going on in book 7. The reader will never be lost because even the background mystery or story that started in book 5 carries forward with HOT’s men retelling with a different view points again keeping the reader updated so new readers to the series will not be lost. HOT ICE isn’t my favorite in this series because I feel the story disappeared when the characters jumped in the sack. The story instead revolved around each sexual encounter with a little story thrown in so you could remember why Iceman and Grace where found in different place to have sex. Lynn Rayed Harries knows how to write a sex scene there is no question about that but I really could have used more story. I felt the book was 85-90% sex. (Either the act, thinking or leading up to sex.) I almost felt lost in why they were running until it was mentioned because of the countless hot sex scenes. I like the HOT commanding officer Méndez best quote in the book that reflects the entire series. “Every F***ing time. If there’s a woman involved, you assholes loses your minds.” The writing style is what readers expect from Lynn Rayed Harries. Lots of snappy dialogue between Grace and Garrett which I found quite fun. Thankful there was enough reference to the movie bodyguard to make me realize this was Lynn Raye Harries personal version.  Lots of clinch moments that would have had me rolling my eyes if not for the reference to the movie bodyguard reminding me again this was her personal version. If you enjoyed the other books in the HOT series this is a can’t miss. Lots of steamy sex scenes to get the read though the long winter nights. Received as an Advance Copy for an Honest Review.

Review HotShot

Book Review – HotShot – Julie Garwood

Title: HotShot
Stars: 5 out of 5 I got this at my online library
I have never read Julie Garwood but I saw this book show up as a suggestion on my Library account so I thought sure why not it sounded interesting enough.
Peyton Lockhart graduated from a prestigious French Culinary school and got her dream job as a food critic but quickly finds out her dream job might not be what she wanted it to be. She quickly moves back home and runs into her childhood crush Finn MacBain at his brother’s wedding.
Seeing Finn again brings back that crush she once had on him and with 8 years different in age she figures he will never really notice her. He does notice the bullet holes in her car.
Than her Uncle offers her and her two sisters a chance to run his oceanfront resort but the catch is they need to be able to show a profit in one year to be able to keep the place?
Peyton finds life isn’t always what you plan it to be and sometimes you have to roll with the punches.
This was my first Julie Garwood book and boy she is into background details making sure the readers is invested into every characters she writes. Which I have a love hate relationship with because I would find myself lost in the details she created about each character.  However I love it because you never need to guess why someone is doing something.
Payton is a fun, sarcastic character that the reader cannot help but love and root for from the beginning to end of the book. Finn MacBain is your typical alpha male character with time entertaining moments but Payton steals the book.  The dialog in the book is fun quick and will keep the readers reading along with some sexy scenes as well.
I loved that Julie Garwood created secondary characters and flushed them out making them integrated into the story. I was excited that they didn’t bog down the story but kept it going and I found myself wanting to know happened to them.
The Villains are nasty and dark but Julie Garwood offset the darker parts of the book with real housewives moments/ characters that will drive the reader to laugh or crazy.
I really enjoyed the book and plan to read more from Julie Garwood in the future.

Book Review Down and Dirty

Author: Liliana Hart
Stars: 4 out of 5
I fell in love with this series when I picked up book one Dirty Little Secret and couldn’t put the book down because it was so different the Addison Holmes series. The J.J. Graves series are darker and grittier but still has the romance you have come to know and love from Liliana Hart.
If you read the synopsis and read the book you question if you read the same novel that was present because yes her father returns for a page or two, I don’t remember any bodies in Rose bushes or a note and the bunker body is not addressed at all.  I love this author but there were so many inconsistencies in the book that I wanted to just shake my head and groan. OK I totally shook my head and groaned because I love JJ in the first two books but how tall is her really?
Before I start a new book in the series I go back and start the series all over again J.J is average height, average weight than she grows to 5’7 and now she is 5’8. Please tell me as I get older I will get taller because that would totally make my day. The dead bodies went from five to only really talking about four and I think they only ended up burying three so what happened to the fifth body? Did they eat it? I hate inconsistencies because it makes me feel like the author doesn’t feel her readers are smart enough to see the lack of focus in their writing.
So take away the silly height thing you have J.J and Jack have a fight which they quickly resolve and I was grateful for but they never really covered either of their PTSD.  I also love how they wrapped up the murder in three days so JJ and Jack could get married. Trust me with Double spies, teen lovers, government no way would it be wrapped up in three days. I felt everything was rushed and trust me I could have waited for a more complete novel from Liliana Hart them the one I bought. This novel was a mash up with some good parts, sweet parts and others parts that left me scratching my head.
The Author brought in Jack’s mom and the always fun Carter but she left out Eddie and Dickie who were part of the group from the beginning and I couldn’t understand why they were not involved in the book or the wedding at all.
Lilian Hart has a wonder grasp of dialogue but if you can’t remember who or what your characters are than you leave readers angry annoyed and wondering if the series is worth reading.
Bought this book.