Review Lush


Title: Lush

Author: Beth Yarnall

Stars 4 out of 5


Lush is the story of second chances Billionaire Businessman Cal Seller who has everything he is ever wanted including endless women at his fingertips but only one woman who ever really stopped him dead in his tracks Lucy.

Lucy is trying to recover from her abusive relationship with her ex-husband when Cal offers her a job she can’t pass up to be his wife with options. Lucy will be able to protect her daughter while pretending to be Cal’s wife but can she protect her heart at the same time?

The book is very real when it comes to domestic abuse and the mental scars left behind. The reader will want hold Lucy as she struggles to deal with trust issues, physically issues and emotional scars left behind by her ex-husband. Cal struggles as well trying to figure out how to get the old Lucy back all the while loving her endlessly as well as her daughter Poppy. Cal does everything he can to protect Lucy but she still doubts his feeling for her to the point Cal doesn’t know what else to do but show her how much she means to him. You will struggle with the emotions she is going thought. You will feel the pain she feels and you will ask yourself what; would you do if you were Lucy.

The book has elements that were great and others that are predictable as a lifetime movie. Lucy struggles with trust only to find Cal in the arms of his secretary again. It was extremely predictable as was the ending but the message was loud and clear. The mystery on how and why her ex kept finding her was interesting twist and I enjoyed the small amount of mystery but I found his book to be mainly romance. Thankful the author focused on building a relationship balancing out the endless sex scenes giving the book a balance.

What I will take away from this book is women can become survives from domestic abusive if they choose too. If they take away the control they have allowed their ex to have in their heart and mind.

No everyone gets to do what Lucy did to her ex but women have the ability to take back what is theirs. I have many friend that have been abused and still allow their ex to have control he doesn’t deserve. This book is a work of fiction it still has some very real elements.

Advance Copy from Netgalley.

Sex Language


Dangerous Surrender By Katie Reus

Title Dangerous Surrender

Author Katie Reus

Stars 5 out of 5


Dangerous Surrender is the 4th book in the Serafina Sin City Series by Katie Reus. The stories is about Taylor who witnesses her friend murdered before her eyes and escapes but not unharmed. She runs to the only place she feels safe her friend Vadim but just as she arrives to his home she remember he is off on his honeymoon. Instead of finding some pace else to hide away Taylor breaks into Vadim’s home hoping to fix her wounds.

Roman MacNeil finds Taylor bleeding in his friend’s showers and what’s starts off as babysitting his friends Dog turns into keeping the woman he finds intriguing alive.

Since I have never read any of the Serafina Sin City series I was excited to see the author created enough of a backstory so the reader wouldn’t be lost.

Katie Reus creates two very likable characters. Taylor an intelligent heroine who knows how to keep things together when she is scared. She is smart, caring and people like her which makes the reader like her. I also love that she is a hacker with some social skill instead of being a geek who doesn’t know up from down. She is smart and when she puts her mind to fixing a problem she does it without looking back.

Roman is awesome because he speaks him mind making for some great laugh out loud moments. He is the typical alpha male hero trying to do everything in his power to protect Taylor. With all Alpha male heroes they are all very big, former military and seem to have a one track mind and Roman is that way but the author also created him to seem human. So when he speaks his mind I couldn’t stop laughing sometimes because Tylor’s reaction was always perfect to the situations.

Dangerous Surrender is a quickly fall read with tons of actions, passion, suspense and enough twist and turns to keep you reading to the very end of the book. Yes there is sex, swearing and lots of violence but all of which are tied up in a pretty little package.

A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Fatal Heart By Norah Wilson

Title:  Fatal Heart

Author: Norah Wilson

Review:   Homicide detective Boyd McBride twin brother Josh McBride died suddenly while investigating their birth parents. Boyd can’t shake the feeling someone murdered his brother to keep his birth parents a secret. Boyd decided to do everything like his twin brother did the last few weeks until his death.  Which includes being around Josh best friend Hayden Walsh an ER doctor. The investigation uncovers a dangerous secret, and one person will do anything including murder to keep that secret.

Norah WIlson is different from most of the Romantic Suspense author I have read in the last few months. Her book is well crafted from each characters well developed and never questioning why they do something. Every character had a purpose and no one was fluff.  The mystery was great because you got to ride along trying to figure out who could be murder and who are the parents.  The author didn’t throw tons of suspicious characters at the reader instead the author made you care for everyone in the book even down to the murder.  The book wasn’t full of  twist and turns that took away from the main mystery or romance instead they only helped build the story with the reader feeling very satisfied.

The romance between Boyd and Hayen was a little odd at first but at the same time it made sense as the book ended. What lacks with one brother was there with the other. Being a romantic suspense there is sex but during that time a relationship is also built so when the end happens you know the author thought it out and it made since. There were moments where the book would get a little to chatty but at the same time the author was building relationship with people in the town.  I knew about half way though the book who the murder was and a good idea why but the ending was still great and I loved the book.

As a reader I could tell that Norah Wilson made sure this book was well crafted no easy drama that could written away later in the book or easily forgotten.  Instead she developed the characters and allowed them to grow within the book.

I will even admit this book tugged at my heart strings and I hoped that Boyd and Hayden would find peace in their lives after losing the one person who meant the most to both of them.

Review Chasing the Dollar by Ellie Ashe

Book: Chasing the Dollar

Author: Ellie Ashe

Stars: 5 out of 5 Stars


Nothing better than find a new author who keeps you up all hours of the night reading her book. I love a good mystery and this was had all the elements to make it one great all night read. Love able Heroine, sexy romantic interest, murder, mayhem, and great dialogue.

Miranda Vaughn has spent the last year fighting for her freedom when she is accused of a fraud involving her superiors. She loses her job at a prestigious investment firm, she loose her fiancé, and to top it off she loose her reputation. When Miranda decides to investigate her own case she finds a large scheme that involves more money than the 37 Million she was suspected of stealing from investors. When the danger heats up so does Miranda feelings for a certain FBI agent.

Miranda is a great characters who has the support of other minor characters her Aunt Marie, the lawyer Rob Froggs and her friend Sarah. I hope Ms. Ashe will bring out those in future novels. Miranda is an intelligent, and a spunky person who loves numbers but has no idea that people do not have the same moral code she has. They do not care about the people who they scammed and only want her to finish what they started. Miranda has a heart and passion for the people she cares about and will do anything to keep them safe. Miranda crosses the globe, goes undercover and finds herself falling for FBI agent Jake whom she is not sure she can trust. After all he put the handcuffs on her.

This book has all the ingredients to make a great mystery with a strong heroine, a love interest for when the book has down time and enough chase scenes to keep you reading until the last the very last page. Chasing the Dollar book has great dialogue that is well written and has a natural flow never once causing the reader to be pulled out of a scenes. The story is well thought out and it had a natural flow from one scene to anther until you wish her second book was already out.

There is swearing but it doesn’t take away from the story it only flows with how the character is feeling.

Review A Righteous Kill (A Shakespearean Suspense Book 1)

Title: A Righteous Kill (A Shakespearean Suspense Book 1)

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Stars 5 out of 5


I found A Righteous Kill on Amazon Unlimited and thought the story sounded interesting because I wanted to see how the author Kerrigan Byrne incorporated Shakespeare without making it cheesy.

John the Baptist has killed six red headed women by nailing them to the cross and sending them down the river.  However his last victim survived Hero (Name from Much ado about nothing). FBI agent Luca Ramirez has been chasing the serial killer for a year and finally gets his break in the tiny, feisty red head woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone.  Luca has to pretend to be Hero’s boyfriend to draw out the killer without crossing a professional and personal line.

This book had a great blend of creepy suspense, gruff, the anti-hero hero, and adorable heroine who you can’t get enough of.

Luca is a dark character who past makes him believe he is unworthy of love. His family was abusive and Luca is afraid one day he will cross the line so instead he works nonstop to put away the world most dangerous killers. However Hero’s mother and father scare them more than terrorist. Luca is 100% Alpha Male and Hero is a fun loving hippie who loves her free life driving Luca insane especially when he needs meat instead of tofu and sports instead of art.

Hero is a cute heroine who is scared to death of the serial killer being someone she knows and loves. After all she has trusted these men with her heart and eternal soul. She trying to live in a world where everyone is good but when she is attack she finds herself questioning everything.  She brings the light to the book and the hospital scene when she wakes up is pretty funny.

Vince is Luca’s partner who also bring the light and humor into a very dark book and I have to admit I totally can’t wait for the author to write Vince’s book.

The book is full of sexual tension but it works well with the suspense making it a perfect blend of Romance and scary mystery.  The author keeps you guessing between three people in Hero’s life who could be the murder and to be honest I guessed wrong for the first time.  She does a great job of keeping you guessing until the end. Which I tried not to rush though because I truly didn’t want to the book to end.

At the end of the book the author sets up for her next book using Hero’s Brother Knox.

 Every character has some sort of Shakespeare name and each chapter has a quote from one of the many works of Williams Shakespeare that gives you an idea what you are going to read.

I am very excited to read the next in the series.  If you like Romantic suspense you need to read this book.

The book is full of language and yes there is sex as well.

Review Mine To Have

Title: Mine to Have. (Book 5)
Author Cynthia Eden
Stars 5 out 5
Why I read: Advance Copy from Netgallery
Elizabeth Ward watches as a complete strangers saves her life but is he a hero or just another thug. Saxon has been working undercover for FBI far so long that he takes one more case so he can walk away a free man. That is until he met the beautiful Elizabeth Ward  and his life changed forever.
With all Cynthia Eden books not everything is as it seems but this one had a lot less nail biting twist and turns that I have found in her other novels but still has it moments. Mine to Have follows in the Mine Series where the men become in some way obsessed with keeping the women in their lives safe even risking their lives many times over. Saxon is no different and I am not sure how may time he was shot in this book but it added up quick.  Vic and Saxon are family who will do anything to protect one another even if it means keeping a secret that could change Elizabeth life forever.
Mine to Have has sex and boy does it have sex which seem to follow with the rest of the Mine series. You will fine yourself rooting for Saxon to have a normal life with the women he loves. Even if you know the Mine Series you stil can’t help but wonder will they get together.  He might be all bad with a dark side but inside he is a marshmallow and readers will fall in love.  This book has more romance than mystery but it still has its moments of whats going to happen next causing the reader to finish the book in a day and night. The book add more humor than I remember in the other Mines series giving it a light feel and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

If you like the Mine Series by Cynthia Eden you will love this book as well.

Hard To Kill By Wendy Byrne

Book Review – Hard to Kill – Wendy Byrne

Title:  Hard to Kill

AuthorWendy Byrne

Review:  Sabrina Shaw and her two brothers were raised with a less than normal up bringing- they were trained assassins by the infamous Goren Petrovich.  Sabrina and her brother’s escape and now work for an organization called the Alliance.  They specialize in jobs that no one else wants. Think Phoenix Foundation from the TV show MacGyver expect the woman has the ability to take down grown men, escape using her wit and sassy mouth vs using a little red knife and duct take to make things go boom.

When the daughter of a prominent politician disappears everyone calls her a runaway but Sabrina uncovers the girl was kidnapped and taken into sex trafficking. Sabrina does everything she can to bring the girl home but to destroy the operation that took her.

Hard to kill is action packed from page one to the very last page never really giving the reader a moment of down time. Sabrina never once stops to think through the situation or formulate a plan of attack which makes me wonder how she has survived all those years but then when the reader question her abilities the author reminds you of her past as a child assassin. Kane the undercover FBI agent helps Sabrina escape the sex traffickers only to find her being hunted.  The author created Kane Travis as the All American Hero. When the story gets dark because it is based around human sex trafficking Kane gives the light and humor to the story. So much works in this Romantic Suspense that will keep readers going until they find they finished the book in the middle of the night and want to start back over in the morning.

The story has romance but it doesn’t over shadow the main story but helps create a flow that will take the reader to the very end where the author leaves you with a few questions about Sabrina’s past and her future as well. Hard to Kill is the perfect mix of mystery, action, romance for a great pool side read. I can’t wait to read another from this author – Wendy Byrane.

I was given an advance copy exchange for my honest opinion