School Starts SOON!!

Summer Over

Summer is over as of July 25th!!

This week and next are endless appointments, play dates/hanging out with friends. Getting ready for school, everyone up bright and early. Which isn’t hard in his house those tiny humans are up at 6:00am every single morning.

Number 3 is starting kindergarten so I have already warned all my friends that the 25th I will be calling pacing around the around without any focus because I will worry she had a good day.  I am so happy and proud of my little shy girl and I can’t wait to see how much she loves school.

Number 4 however I am worried about because he loves having his brother and sisters around him all day.  I have a feeling a little shadow will be with me. He has one more year until preschool so hopefully we can get him potty trained.

Having a clean house will be wonderful but boy it will be quite to. I can finally get baby books worked on not to mention working out while the little one is napping without someone yelling for Minecraft.

I am beyond excited and scared all at the same time.



Spring Break or as I like to call it 14 days straight of hell.

I know right spending endless days (14 days) with my 4 amazing kids should never be called hell.

Yes 14 days spring break because we have a modified school year. The longest break is 7 weeks from the end of May- July and starting in July my third child will be in all day kindergarten. (WAHOO!)

Back to 14 days of school break where my kids will tell me they are board because we can’t go swimming. They will be board because the park won’t be any fun after two days. Riding their bikes will only be fun after they have challenged each other to rid their bikes no handled. (Thankful one is still learning how to ride the bike so I shouldn’t have too many broken bones.)

I plan to take them to the Dino Museum where I let them run lose because first off they are really good kids and second most spring break doesn’t start until the following week.

I would love the idea of taking a trip but lets face it vacations are not the same since having kids.  I remember when vacations were spending hours on the beach, than eating at the most unusual restaurants or hole in the walls. Sleeping in for hours until we decided that maybe we will leave the hotels room.Coronado island as an adult is so much fun but with kids it is pure torture.

Now vacations consist of eating at McDonald for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The beach is off limits because I have a toddler who hates sand. So we might go to Disneyland where I will take the girls and toddler to see the princess while my husband will take our oldest son on all the fun rides. Than we get back to the hotel where one of us will share a bed with a child who can’t seem to stay in one place.

So instead I plan to figure out what to do for two weeks. Playdates/Hangouts, trips to the part, museums, Library, and nights out with friends to remind me there is more to life than kids. WAIT is there more to life??

I love my amazing kids just sometimes I want to be reminded I am more than just a mom.

Insanely Busy

I wish I could say life is slowing down just a little but it only seems to busier. I am not even sure where to start. The book blog takes up so much time and even than I am not keeping up on things so I have authors and vendors upset with me for not getting things done on their time. Sorry those 4 kids need me more. I have read some great books coming out in the next several months and I can’t wait to share them with everyone on  Still updating the site and have found to be driving me crazy. Right now my 2 year old is sitting on my lap pointing to the picture yelling Gaga instead of Dada.

Life has throw in a few too many bumps in the road but I have decided to start yelling PLOT TWIST every time something crazy and unexpected happens. Like right now my son has does something to my text and I can’t get it to stop typing blue and underlining. Next time I promise to have more complete thoughts right now I am trying to figrue out where the two year old wants to go because he keeps jumping on my lap saying AH GO!


Follow my hubby on his book writing jounry at  He always makes me laugh and I hope he will make you laugh as well! Ahh dinner is burning shoot I thought I had more time.


Things will be changing here

So I have mentioned before I have been helping my sister out with her blog. Well she is too busy working full time as a High School teacher and not to mention full time mom of 3 teenagers and two college students. So I am stepping up and taking over her blog

I will still use this blog but most of my activity for books reviews and products reviews will be found there. I will still use this blog for my personal life and goofy things my husband comes up with like reading  50 shades told from the view of Christan.  If you need a good laugh go listen to this one.

I won’t be taking over until September 1st.

On another note we have AC again.

That’s all I can think f since I am currently hiding away in the dark bathroom hoping no one notices my computers light.

Review Hell or High Water By Julie Ann Walker

Book Review – Hell or High Water – Julie Ann Walker


Title:   Hell or High Water

Author:   Julie Ann Walker 

Stars:   5 out of 5

CIA Agent Olivia Mortier is the one person Leo Anderson can’t seem to stop thinking about and wonders if he will ever see her again. When she ends up on his island as he and his crew are looking for the legendary lost ship La Santa Christina things go from a search of gold to the search of weapons and terrorist.

I will start off with I love this book from first to very last page and I can’t wait to read the next in the series. Julie Ann Walker hit it out of the ball park once again. The book is perfect amount of action that keeps the reader hooked and romance that will leave the reader wanting more.

The author introduces several characters the readers will get to know in other books but never once did the reader feel bogged down by the different characters. In fact Readers will be excited to see what happens to everyone you get to know in this book.

The book is well paced, the romance\Sex will keep readers blushing and the endless pop cultural reference will have readers laughing. Hell or High Water is a series I will look forward to reading with each new book.

I have even found myself rereading the novels because of how much I enjoyed it the first time. I still find pop cultural reference I didn’t pick up on the first pass.

The story was told from multiple POVs (Leo, Bran, Mason, Olivia and the CIA mole) however never once does the reader feel lost and the pacing never once slows down.

Hell or High Water is roller coaster ride that is perfect from the beginning to the very end.

Advance Copy sent from Netgalley

Review Undercover With the Enemy By Sharron McCllellan


Title Undercover with the Enemy

Author: Sharron McClellan

Stars 4 out of 5

Comes out August 17th


Undercover with the Enemy is a very memorable first read with all the makes of a fun romantic mystery. With spice, action, suspense tough Alpha males and a feisty heroine who isn’t afraid to put the alpha in his place.

Holly Milano is a high risk securities operative who has the ability to find whatever she is looking for however she doesn’t like to follow rules

Kane MacMillsn is her current boss on the assignment where they need to recover a priceless diamond necklace. But when Holly makes a mistake he goes from being her boss\assistant to being her fiancé. Now they must work together to stay alive long enough to find out why everyone wants the ugly priceless necklace.

The book will pull readers in from first page as Holly Milano is walking a tight rope across buildings to the clown at the very end. Sharron wrote great banter between the two lead Holly and Kane. I wouldn’t say I loved the characters but I liked them and at the end I was happy for the ending. The basic of the story is simple but when they add several more colorful characters it changes giving it a bit more punch. Holly’s background to me was skimmed over but the reader gets the idea fast.

Nothing is left hanging. Do you love action backed romance novels with enough heat this book will not disappoint. Insta romance isn’t for everyone but I found it just enough believe able to enjoy the story.

I will admit I am not a huge fan of the title but that’s just me.

ARC requested through NetGalley by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review!

Review Hot and Bothered By Lynn Raye Harris


Title: Hot and Bothered

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Stars5 out of 5


ARC received from Author

When I first heard about Hot and Bothered I wasn’t really excited about the book because I really didn’t like Victoria’s sister Emily Royal bin Yusuf from Hot Rebel. So personal I wasn’t going to read this book for that reason. I just wasn’t interested. When I was contacted to read the book I figured out hey why not a throw away book no big deal.

I was so wrong this book was full of humorous moments, dark moments and one heck of a roller coaster of emotions that all centered around Emily and Ryan Gordon. Lynn Raye Harris is able to take an unlikeable character and make you care for her and the future she is trying to create for herself. The beginning of the book starts off a little slow but soon takes off gives the reader a good idea who Emily is and what she wants in life.

This book takes the readers on a nonstop action thrill ride through the Middle East with Emily hoping to bring some respect to her name again and not be known as a terrorist.

Reader will find themselves laughing with Lynn Raye Harris quick dialogue, Alpha males and the women who will not be pushed around to make their Alpha males happy. I enjoyed this book so much more than Hot Ice because the story didn’t revolve around sex but desires for someone’s happiness.

Hot and Bothered is a perfect fit into the HOT series and will have readers wanting to know more about the mysterious Mendez and Ian.

This book is a stand alone but I would recommended you read Hot Rebel to get a little background on Emily.